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Northern Beauty

In response to Scott’s Daily Prompt, I got skills

“Look at the sky! That is beautiful!”

There were gasps around me but I was enrapt. Above me, the northern lights were on fire. I had seen them before of course, living here. But this was something else. It was as if they had decided to mark the occasion with an extra special show.

I was entranced. It felt like I had been waiting for this my whole life. Like this was its purpose, to be here, on this night and witness this.

On the edge of my awareness, I could hear people calling my name. I tuned them out. I wanted to savour this, drink in every moment without distraction.

By the time I saw the wave it was too late. There was no way to escape it.

So I turned to face it and embraced every facet of its beauty and power.

Photo by Tobias Bju00f8rkli on Pexels.com
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Twist and Shout

By Scott Bailey © 2017

A shout from the earth
Twisting rivers of fire
Cascade to the sea

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Scott’s Daily Prompt 22/01/2022

Today’s prompt is.

I got skills 

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?