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A Bird in the Hand

In response to Scott’s Daily Prompt, Cliche

A bird in the hand
Is not worth
Two in the bush
The two in the bush are free
The one in the hand will wither
The two in the bush will multiply
Bring forth bounty
The one in the hand will need feeding
Care and Tenderness
The hand that holds
Is neither tender nor caring
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
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Mankind Limited – The Sky


The sky to the west was as dark as a promise of Armageddon. It was punctuated occasionally by a piercing fork of blue-white lightning.

As piercing as the eyes that watched.

Mankind Ltd.

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Scott’s Daily Prompt 25/02/2022

Today’s prompt is. Cliché

Clichés become clichés for a reason. Tell us about the last time a bird in the hand was worth two in the bush for you.