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Bake sale

Went along to Jude’s bake sale today to show support. Very good cakes. Good to see a lot of people I used to know, Jude and Andrew, Guy and Rebecca, Ali. David came down too. We played in the playground along with Marie and Rhys. Rhys and Alexander played on the swings.

Rachel went home with Marie and Rhys, I went with David and Spike to the pub (The Hole in the Wall – though its got another name now.) Then Jude and Andrew joined us later. Had  a very good time. Made a relaxing change.

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Lucas’ Birthday

Would have been Lucas’ first birthday today. Took the day off and spent it as a family. Made some little gifts and took the to his grave.

Lucas' Garden Flowers for Lucas

Alexander invented a new a machine called a hector-vector, a wheel that lets babies in heaven grow up to be big boys.

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Chatham Dockyard

Had a day trip to Chatham Dockyard. It was freezing so we didn’t stay long.

Alexander avoided the camera most of the day until we were about to go then he suddenly started posing like a pro – and telling us how to stand as well.At the Dockyard

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First day at College

This was Rachel’s first day at college doing her Cache 2 course. As we hadn’t managed to rearrange Alexander’s nursery hours we had to send him to Nanny Susan’s. Aunty Marie helped look after him and he made a train – something he had already decided to do and worked out the night before.


Rachel really enjoyed the course. It is definitely the right decision.

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Working from home due to car trouble. Alexander waltzes into the office to demand some make up and lipstick as he wants to be a lady boy.

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Visiting David and Lois

Went to stay with David and Lois for a couple of days. First night David and I went to the pub and got royally slaughtered. And had a great time chatting like we used to.

Next day we went to flying in his light aircraft. Lois and Rachel and the boys went to a play gym. Rachel was very ill though so in the end we drove home that night.

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This is a picture of Daddy being grumpy by Alexander. Now its kind of a self fulfilling prophecy as that is not paper but our bed sheet!!

grumpy daddy

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Bug Hunting

Alexander and mummy went bug hunting today on a nature walk. They saw dinosaur poo!

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On Holiday with Dean and Anna in their family’s flat in Keynsham.

Today went around Bath and took some pics. Went into a mini market. Was a good day out though Alexander was quite misbehaved. Its all too exciting for him.

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Bristol Zoo

Went to Bristol Zoo with Dean and Anna, Alexander loved this – especially the squirting dinosaurs.

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Holiday and walk

On Holiday with Dean and Anna. Walked from their flat in Keynsham to Bath. Uncharacteristically Alexander did not want to walk so I had to carry him most of the way.

It was still a good walk though.

422234_10151320284273452_1666341614_n 375690_10151320282278452_2009782968_n

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Knight School

Took another trip to our favourite castle (Leeds) where they had a knight school. They had all the kids in an area where they played the English at Agincourt. What I didn’t foresee was that they roped in the dads to play the French! Still good fun was had by all!600441_10151222636978452_1610893976_n 283705_10151222631483452_846806327_n 600751_10151222614543452_1927010151_n

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Mediaeval Fayre

Went to a mediaeval fayre with Rachel’s parents, Marie and Rhys. At one point the kids were allowed to get wooden swords, get in the arena and fight! It was heaven for Alexander

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Caterpillars and Stories

According to springwatch tonight caterpillars are 40% protein and 80% water. This leads me to think that they are ideal candidates for the apprentice. they can give 110% and still have some to spare.

Not content with quotable lines Alexander has now progressed to story telling: While eating a ice lolly today he sidled up to me and said.

“Daddy let me tell you a story about a lolly. Once upon a time there was a lolly walking in the woods. He saw a big bear! He started dripping. He thought he was dripping but it was only the rain. SO he ran all the way home where he found a monster. But it was OK as it was his favourite monster. And that is the end of the story”

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Wingham Wildlife

We al had a big family day out to Wingham Wildlife park Much fun was had. This included Alexander having a snake on his shoulder and stroking it. Something Aunty Carol did not enjoy!



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Quote from Alexander (age 3). Open the curtains more daddy. Its a very beautiful world out there.

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Baking Day

Alexander had a fun day baking with mummy, Aunty Charlie and Aunty Carol while I was at work. So came home to quite a treat.


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Leeds Castle

Took a quick trip to Leeds Castle to get our new Tickets. Didn’t stay long a295269_10150982835748452_788220335_n 148940_10150982816608452_1097046497_ns it was cold and we were with Rachel’s parents.


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Visiting Dean and Anna’s new place

Visited Dean and Anna’s new apartment for the first time. Had a light dinner over there and went for a quick walk.

It’s a very nice place


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RH&D Railway

Had a great day taking Alexander on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway. I hadn’t been since I was a kid, Rachel had never been before.


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Kearsney Abbey

Another of our favourite haunts – because not only a lovely place but free too! Had a great day here exploring. Was relatively warm for the time of year too.535523_10150946077698452_205041578_n 525479_10150946056988452_583085188_n

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Busy Christmas Day

Got up early so Alexander could open his presents from us and from Nanny Jean and Grandad Maurice.

We then headed of to Rachel’s parents for dinner and another round of present openings.

After lunch and a rest we went over to my brother Adrian and his girlfriend Charlie for tea and more presents

Also at Adrian’s were mum and Dad, Daniel and Carol. Also Sean, Charlie’s son. Daniel and Carol announced their engagement.

292687_10150934898798452_1117585780_n 534094_10150934892638452_221062474_n

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Child Logic

Alexander’s been obsesses with spookies since Halloween, he is convinced they stole his sweets. So I thought I could turn this to my advantage. When he refused to clean his teeth I said,
“The spookies will come and take your teeth away- they like dirty teeth”.
His response.
“No. The incredible Hulk will go and get them back. He will say AAAARRRRH and scare them off. He will bring them back and put them in my mouth.”
He then pointed at his teeth and said,
Then he stuck his Head out of the bathroom door and shouted,
“Thank you Incredible Hulk!”
Argue with that!

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Sickly Child

Alexander has hand foot and mouth disease. Feel helpless to help but apparently it doesn’t last long.

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Whitstable Fun Day

Went along to the fun day on Tankerton Slopes. Had a great time. A lot like an old fashioned fair. Rachel’s parents joined us halfway through along with Marie, John and Rhys.

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Walk along the river stour

Went for a lovely walk along the newly opened path from Toddlers Cove in Canterbury to Chartham village hall and back Was a lovely day.

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