Batman and Sun

What a wonderful afternoon we had yesterday.

Went to too a mini school play. Alexander was Batman! The coolest superhero of all! Watching him come on and dance around to the Batman theme tune (60’s TV show – has to be doesn’t it!) is a memory I will cherish forever. L was squealing with delight when he saw his brother come on stage.

The afternoon was topped off by a lovely picnic and playtime at the seaside with good behaviour from the kids!

But getting back to Batman – it got me thinking. Every one of those kids knew that theme tune – it has remained in our cultural conscience. Probably because of the many repeats and references to it in other programs. I was wondering why some things stay with us and other fade away. For example. How many people of my generation remember this little ditty?

Jingle bells
Batman smells
Robin flew away
Kojak lost his lollipop
And didn’t know what to say

Now doubtless there are other versions still in circulation but I doubt that one is. The youngsters of today wouldn’t get the Kojak reference?  I wonder what it is that has made Kojak fade from the forefront of most people’s minds. I mean he is not forgotten. In this day and age of electronic records nothing will ever be forgotten. He is just not a part of the cultural conversation any more.

I suppose if I could answer the question I would be rich.  Also I realise it means that I am getting old enough now that things that once seemed permanent and solid are fading into history.