Back to work

Woke up with a stinking cold. So did Alexander and I think Rachel is heading that way.

After four days together Alexander was disappointed I had to go to work. He asked what I would do at work.  I told him I would be working on a computer.

“And what else?” he asked.

“Er… that’s about it.”

He frowned and thought about this.

“Is your boss called Tim?’ That was very well remembered! He then said.

“Tell Tim that you have to do activities. You have to do exercise, play in the garden, have a drink at break time, dress up as pirates and play with cars!”

Tim agreed.

However work was hectic as we try to keep on top of failing units.

The car was also I’ll today so another trip to the garage due!

In other news – David was good to his word and cut off his hair. Well he didn’t shave it as expected but for him its very very short. He will be off to the Sahara very soon for his six marathons!


Back to reading about XML…

Bake sale

Went along to Jude’s bake sale today to show support. Very good cakes. Good to see a lot of people I used to know, Jude and Andrew, Guy and Rebecca, Ali. David came down too. We played in the playground along with Marie and Rhys. Rhys and Alexander played on the swings.

Rachel went home with Marie and Rhys, I went with David and Spike to the pub (The Hole in the Wall – though its got another name now.) Then Jude and Andrew joined us later. Had  a very good time. Made a relaxing change.

Visiting David and Lois

Went to stay with David and Lois for a couple of days. First night David and I went to the pub and got royally slaughtered. And had a great time chatting like we used to.

Next day we went to flying in his light aircraft. Lois and Rachel and the boys went to a play gym. Rachel was very ill though so in the end we drove home that night.

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Top Man

Deans last day at Top Man -we celebrated at the Plough.


Went to watch the Jousting at Chilham with David and Dean. Took photo’s and all 3 brought Max Diamond’s autobiography “Joust a Minute”

The Plough

This was the first time the three of us (David, Dean and I) went to the Plough at Stalisfield Green

The Day of the Twig

This was the day that all three of us (David, Dean and myself) first went on a bike ride together. It was the day we planted “the Twig” and the day I got a puncture and David boasted he could fix it in less than 20 minutes. So we let him while we ate our sand whiches.