Another Version of Book Cover

Taking everyone’s feedback how about this one?


Progress, achievements and heartbreak

Well yesterday kept getting better.

After the good adoption news and because of the fact that I had the day off I actually had some time to do some writing. And I had done yesterdays poem the day before so was ahead of myself there too. So After blogging yesterday’s news I sat down and did the final part of editing for my book.

Its done! Finally finished. – Oh there’s a part of me that wants to go back and make some tweaks but I am resisting that now. It’s just further procrastination and delay. It would be never-ending. Time to draw a line. I want to move on to a new one.

Still go work to do – collating all the chapters into one manuscript, formatting for e-book and creating the cover – but essentially it’s there! So watch this space.

But all this was overshadowed for me by the terrible story about Daniel Pelka. Perhaps hitting home more than it would normally as he was the same age as Alexander is now. I imagined how he would feel to be put through what Daniel went through…. it’s horror in its worse form.

I like to think I am liberal-minded and I have never – ever condoned the death sentence but if my finger were on a button for an electric chair for those two – I don’t know what I would do next. I would hope be bigger than them but….

What makes me despair more though is the inevitable reaction that has already started. The anaesthetic approach, the refusal to look in the eye of the horror of what two individuals have done and instead start to break it up and parcel out the blame to faceless organisations and scapegoats. The story will be about failing systems and incompetent staff.

Of course the enquiry is necessary but I can’t help thinking that if we put as much money and energy into studying the two individual who are the ones who, in the end, are responsible – we might learn something that would help us start to eradicate this kind of behaviour?

But that would mean looking direct into the face of “evil” and I think it scares us too much. Not the evil itself, but the enormity of the task. So we look away and try to find easier tasks.

Surely we can do better in the 21st Century?