Ants in my pants – well almost

Well another very busy day. Was late to work as Alexander was clinging to me this morning not wanting me to go.

I have decided at work due to the growing list of jobs that keep coming up the dwindling hope of getting any outside help to try to get out of the feeling that I am drowning by getting organised. So listed all the out standing jobs.

Not the best idea. Just highlighted how much more there is to do. Just as I had finished this Tim ring’s up – we have a new deal imminent but to get it we need to implement some major changes. Job number four hundred…..

First task on Monday – project management!

Rachel and Alexander went to one of his play groups today where he had a good time. They came and met me down in Folkestone. We went to our favourite fish and chip show to have a quick meal. While we were there – and they did warn us – we were descended upon by 50 French students.

Now most children – most people – would have been overwhelmed by that many suddenly coming in. Alexander however loved it. He went around to all of them telling them random things like “My Daddy has a Golden Compass!”

He also explained to one of them – and to me – how talking works.  According to Alexander it works like this. Small parts come out of you brain, fall down you throat into a microphone box which then makes words. Not bad for a four year old!

Didn’t get home until late. Alexander was hyper and late to sleep hence only a short poem tonight. Until about 30 minutes ago that was going to be no poem but then a line sprung into my head. Again – it’s one that will need looking at after I have left it for a long time.

Oh and the title – another reason I didn’t have much time on my hands tonight – came home to an ant infestation!