Flying Kites in the Snow

Being determined to make the most of the four days off 🙂 we got up early. This was lucky as my mum and dad popped around with Easter eggs. This was a good start to the day! Chocolate!

We then went over to the Preston Easter Fair. This turned out to be a couple of stalls in a village hall and a bouncy castle that could have fitted in our back garden. And our back garden is tiny. Let’s put it this way, three three years olds was too much for it.

But don’t get me wrong – it was great – we actually really liked it. And Alexander befriended three older boys playing football who let him join in really nicely and gave him loads of encouragement. He was in heaven. Then we got his kite out – despite the fact it had started to snow. Two other boys about his age came out to join with that and he played really nicely with – all taking turns to fly the kite – which flew very well considering it was very cheap.

After a quick hot dog and burger we headed over to Westwood cross to look at his birthday present. This was a week early but we needed to get it this weekend. It is a fish tank and we need to set it up and let it settle before we get the fish on his birthday.

As we are probably tied up that weekend he also had another part of his present early – which was his first ever trip to the cinema. We saw the Croods -he loved it – even though he was hiding behind the seats for some bits. We treated ourselves to dinner out and when we got back to the car he excitedly told the car the full plot of the film in minute detail. He’s never spoken to the car before  – I think he was just so excited he had to tell somebody.

By the time we got home he was one tired but happy little boy.

Whitstable shopping trip

Alexander had woken up with a big idea of doing some sticking and gluing to make some Easter decorations.

So we went to Whitstable to get supplies. However after popping into a shop that sold all manner of odd things (but mostly toys) Alexander became totally fixated on a plastic £1.50 crab. So all up and down the high street he just wanted to go back and get the crab! We eventually got the supplies and had to go back and get the crab.

We returned home to spend the afternoon all making Easter decorations. That was the plan – Alexander was not al all interested in what had been his idea. He played with his crab instead, Rachel cooked dinner so Daddy was left doing the decorations.

Somehow this was quite exhausting so called for an early night all round.