Father Son Time

Oops – realised that my post today was a draft and therefore was not quite the haiku it should have been. (Not enough syllables!) OK it’s not strictly a haiku anyway but the update obeys the structure at least now I have updated it.

Anyway. Didn’t have a lot of time to write today and took a break over the weekend – having managed to get two poems ahead on Friday and save them :-). I think the lack of writing over those two days made me my imagination a bit stilted today, plus feeling a little under the weather.

Had a good weekend though. Rachel was deeply engrossed with doing essays and preparing for her final observation on her course this weekend. She had so much to do and has put so much hard work into this that we decided to stay on and let her concentrate solely on that. So this meant a whole weekend of Alexander and Daddy playtime!

Apart from playing knights – guess what gave him the greatest pleasure… empty cardboard boxes. Oh and using daddy as a climbing frame.


He was much better behaved this weekend, most likely due to having a lot of attention. He was lot less well behaved tonight and was quite mean to his newest little friend who he has taken to playing with a lot.

He has a very strong character and I love that about him. He has strengths that I certainly did not have when I was younger and that I wish I did have at that age, For that reason I don’t want to be too harsh with him a drive those strength out. But it doesn’t worry me sometimes that he can be a bit too domineering – and that could lead to bullying. And I wonder where it comes from.

Maybe he is just pushing boundaries. Perhaps there are still effect from losing a brother that yet to surface. It’s always on his mind as he talks t us about it.

Or maybe he is just a four year old boy 🙂

Whatever the case – a weekend of quality time makes your really appreciate how wonderful he is.

When he grow’s up and reads all this as I am sure he will one day – I hope he can see how much we love him and am trying to do our best to support him.