Quick Thoughts

Working hard from home – needed a break.

Just a couple of thoughts and occurrences from the last few days.

The second Hobbit movie was a lot better than the first!

So was the second of the latest Muppet movies.

Hosting kids birthday parties and play gyms is so much easier!

Off to bed now. Number one son is happily asleep now, content that he has a scalectrix set up in his room and a promise of one to one Daddy time every day. Number two son is settling in very well now. He is quite amazingly intelligent for a 20 month old. We put him down to sleep as normal tonight and left him to it – he normally goes to sleep quite quickly. Tonight, Rachel passed by his room and peeked in to check on him. He was slowly rising up over the edge of his cot, playing peek-a-boo with his shadow, giggling each time he did. Must be a sign he is happy and relaxed surely.

Catch up

Haven’t blogged much over the last week, a combination of a bad eye infection and being totally busy.

Had a good night out with old friends and work colleagues from Migrant Helpline.

It was quite a quiet weekend. We took Alexander out to Kearsney Abbey where he had a great time running around and exploring. We came back and watched the Season Finale of Doctor Who which had the best reveal for a long time.

John Hurt! Great!

We swapped the blu ray player which was indeed faulty and got a new more basic one. So now need to get a HD freesat receiver- preferably with internet access. When I have some spare cash. Hah!

At least it means I finally got to see the Hobbit. Which was a lot better than I was expecting.

Well eye are still sore so will write more later on.