Brexit – who’s to blame

… and who will get the blame?

So in the continuing aftermath of the referendum result there has been a lot of talk about the Leave campaign lies and the intelligence of those who fell for them.

But surely those behind the Remain campaign must shoulder some of the blame? They didn’t run a good enough campaign. They didn’t do a good enough job.

They didn’t convince enough undecideds.

For example. Since the result there has been a great deal made of the lack of Brexit plan.

So why the hell wasn’t that a prominent part of the Remain campaign. Why wasn’t that weakness exposed and capitalised on before the result. A few well placed questions by people who should have known enough to ask them would have exposed it.

“What’s you plan to rebuild the economy if we leave Mr Johnson?”

“How exactly are we going to control immigration Mr. Gove?”

“What’s that? You don’t know? You don’t have a plan?”

“So the economic benefits you predict? Where did you get that information? Tea leaves? Your horoscope? With no plan I can’t see any other way.”

And I can foresee worse to come.

All those who brought this about have jumped ship. The Conservative leadership contest is a farce. Whoever get elected is surely going to dilly dally over triggering Article 50. That will trigger a general election as the people will want their will enacting. (You can just see the headlines!)

The media will suddenly be very supportive of Jeremy Corbyn and he will promise to trigger the article. That will win him the final support he needs to get in. He may have campaigned for Remain but I think his democratic principles will leave him no choice.

So he will be the one who has to trigger article 50.

So in the end those behind Leave will get everything they wanted without having to shoulder any of the blame or responsibility.

I smell a set up.

If, as we fear and suspect it all goes south, they can blame Corbyn. If it works out against the odds they can claim the credit and say – told you so. Either way they have maneuvered themselves into a no lose situation and Corbyn into a no real win position. (If it all plays out like this).

Or maybe I am just being too cynical.