The Joker

I was not very interested or impressed when they announced there was going to be a standalone Joker movie. I was even less so when they announced it would be
Joaquin Phoenix playing him.

Then the first images came out and my expectations went down even further.

Then there was this.

Now – I know a trailer is designed to make a film look good – but! Wow! This looks good. Moreover, it looks like a refreshing approach in a fast becoming weary genre. This is not going to be a CGI heavy action movie. This is a slow-paced, intimate character investigation, and a look at mental illness in general.

My mind is changed. Put a smile on that face!

One thought on “The Joker

  1. rugby843 Fri April 5 2019 / 4:21 pm

    I don’t watch previews and rarely see a movie in a theater. It’s just too expensive. There are some I have to see on a big screen. I never cared for the villains in DC comics much, so much darker than Marvel. But my fave Batman is Michael Keaton and Joker, Jack Nicholson.

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