All change – bringing it all together

For those who have followed my blog for any length of time will. know that I have stepped back a bit from it. I wanted to concentrate on doing some actual writing rather than writing about doing some writing.

Well, life always has other plans and that hasn’t worked out perfectly. I have managed t o do some more writing but nowhere near as much as I wanted.

However, had I been maintaining this blog and my author website then I would not have even done that, so, small victories.

Then it came time to renew my author websites hosting. It was expensive to renew and money is tight these days. But I wanted to to still have an author presence – my bog was jus that – a blog. IIt was on the basic (free) WordPress plan and did not have the necessary tools to allow me to track traffic etc properly.

On the other hand – the blog has years of content and thousands of blog posts!

Ideally I wanted to combine them. I had started trying this by having a plugin on the author site to pull ini the posts from the blog, but the formatting was always iffy.

So I started to investigate the other possibilities and came up with. solution. I have upgraded my plan to allow me to create a site that has the best of both words. I recreated the limited content from my author site while keeping all the blog posts I have worked for years on. At the same time I have given the whole site a refresh.

The upgraded plan allows me to track traffic properly but does not allow me to add any plugins as I used to be able to on the old author site. This was the compromise but one that is worth I believe.

So and have combined and become

Hopefully this will also refresh my views and sales!

One thought on “All change – bringing it all together

  1. encounters Mon June 8 2020 / 7:49 am

    Hi Scott,
    Thank you for your post which has given me something to think about. Like you my blog site is on the free plan, and has a lot of posts I have written for a long time.
    Of late I have not been writing new posts as numbers of viewers have not been increasing the graph has remained the same for a few years.
    I may explore further the way you have improved your site. Thank you for motivating me to think of refreshing my site.


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