First hard copy sales.

Sold my first three copies of A Spring of Dreams in paperback. All at once. So either someone is buying Christmas presents or it is a reseller sending in all their orders at once.

Either way it’s a big boost to my confidence.

Dodgy Dealings?

Well, this is odd.

I recently made my novel Mankind Limited available in paperback format (see details here).

Now it seems that a used copy is being offered through amazon. (See here)

The odd thing is – I haven’t sold a single copy of the paperback version yet – so what’s going on?

Investigation underway.

Another Arrival!

This is another reason I have been quiet on the blog for a while! Book number two has arrived!


This one is not a novel but a collection of poems. All the poems I wrote for my year-long Poem a Day Challenge.

So more proofreading and then pressing the button to make it available both on Kindle and Paperback.

It all part of a larger plan – so watch out for more soon.


Exciting Times

Just been informed that there is an exciting package waiting for me at home! Can’t wait!!!