If you need a break

If you like narrow boating- I have news for you. Serenity narrowboat holidays can offer you a narrowboat holiday with a difference. Luxury on board and relaxation from start to finish. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner they can help you out - offering a full day's training and if you want… Continue reading If you need a break

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Holiday Done

By Scott Bailey © 2015 Driving homeFun is doneSleepy headsHappy onesBed beckonsSatisfied sleepThis is the peaceThe turmoilAims for Image from Pixabay

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Another quiet week

Last week I was on holiday, this week I was quite ill and although I ploughed on by working from home, that took everything out of me. So its been a very quiet couple of weeks. I need to kickstart some writing again. Having a dilemma where to go next. I need to put more… Continue reading Another quiet week

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A few days off

Having finished National Poetry Writing Month and it being a bank holiday weekend I decided to take a few days off from blogging. And boy does it show. Stats have dropped to zilch, nada, a big fat zero. But hey - it's not about the stats - however much I obsess over them. Honest. I… Continue reading A few days off

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NaPoWriMo Day #11

Away on holiday so writing in advance : -) cheating? I hope not - the effort has been put in. Holiday Done By Scott Bailey © 2015   Driving home Fun is done Sleepy heads Happy ones Bed beckons Satisfied sleep This is the peace The turmoil Aims for       #NaPoWriMo

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Goodbye Goldie

So we have just had one of the wettest weekends we have seen for ages - and of course it was a bank holiday. But we were determined to have fun and relax. Especially after I had a day of total crisis at work - the stress after-shocks of which I am still feeling. Anyway,… Continue reading Goodbye Goldie

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So I haven't blogged much beyond the poem a day. It has been a bust couple of weeks. Partly because of work, partly because we have been on holiday so have been giving the computer a rest. So here is a quick précis of the past few weeks - more for my own reference really. It started… Continue reading Updates

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Holiday Relaxation – Not!

Well that's another holiday week done and dusted. And I will be returning more stressed than when I left. So the up and downs - let's do the downs first and leave it on a positive. There were tons of jobs to be done and this was one of the reasons to take some time… Continue reading Holiday Relaxation – Not!


Wookey Hole

Still on Holiday with Dean and Anna but went our own way today. We took Alexander to Wookey Hole - where I used to camp when we were younger. He loved it. The cave system is much bigger now and they have model dinosaurs and a pier museum.



On Holiday with Dean and Anna in their family's flat in Keynsham. Today went around Bath and took some pics. Went into a mini market. Was a good day out though Alexander was quite misbehaved. Its all too exciting for him.


Bristol Zoo

Went to Bristol Zoo with Dean and Anna, Alexander loved this - especially the squirting dinosaurs.


Holiday and walk

On Holiday with Dean and Anna. Walked from their flat in Keynsham to Bath. Uncharacteristically Alexander did not want to walk so I had to carry him most of the way. It was still a good walk though.


Kearsney Abbey

Another of our favourite haunts - because not only a lovely place but free too! Had a great day here exploring. Was relatively warm for the time of year too.