Thanet Writers Feature – Me!


The folks over at Thanet Writer’s interviewed me a while ago and it’s now up and available on their website.

I am deeply honoured and appreciative.

Check it out here!

Author Interview


So it’s official – my author interview will be appearing on Thanet Writers this Saturday – 04/03/2017.

Rest assured I’ll be blogging about it when it happens 🙂


Baring your soul

I have at various points in my life had to bare my soul top strangers.

When we lost our second child and attended group therapy – we bared our feelings. (There’s still plenty there though that needs to come out).

When we working through the adoption process we had to really lay bare our lives and feelings.

I find it both difficult but worthwhile. To get know yourself better is a good thing – you can only learn and improve.

What got me thinking back on this is the fact that I have just completed an author Interview for my good comrades over at Thanet Writers. Watch this space I will post links when it’s published.

While not as personal it as quite difficult to do. I think it was because I don’t really see myself as any kind of proper writer – just a dabbler. It will be interesting to see the reaction, though.

Thirteen Tales – Story Featured

Featured Image -- 7657

The fantastic writer’s community over at Thanet Writers have featured one of the stories from my new collection – Thirteen Tales.

So if you want to whet your whistles head over and have a read of Cycles. If you like – there’s more in the book.

The Execution – Story Featured

A short story I wrote – The Execution has been featured on the writing website Thanet Writers. Check it out here

If you like it check out my other work here or at my website