Poem a day challenge #292 (The Tower)

The Tower

By Scott Bailey © 2014

The tower in the wood
Lonely and silent
Seat of many dreams
Where it was a palace of power
A refuge for outlaws
A romantic spire or a foreboding spear
A collapsed heart
Once vigilant
Now silent

Inspired by WeDrinkInspiration. OK so the place is still there but it sprung to mind instantly.

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4 thoughts on “Poem a day challenge #292 (The Tower)

  1. Oloriel Sun March 23 2014 / 10:54 pm

    I loved the ending, it gives and paints a sad picture and an outcome of what is going to happen to the tower. It is like no matter how epic a building is,no matter how much love engraved to each stone – it is merely at mercy of Time.


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