Ring of Justice (Kyrielle)

By Scott Bailey © 2013 In golden age where steel was kingRich voices of great bards there ringThe rising pride of knights there swellsAround the ring where justice dwells Behind the throne where power liesThe dark intent deep in his eyesThe ancient druid gathers spellsAround the ring where justice dwells The jealous son holds his … Continue reading Ring of Justice (Kyrielle)

Alcyone (Pleiades)

By Scott Bailey © 2013 Another spirit lostAwash in the swell and foamAnguished over lost loveAnger dealt him the blowArising from the seaAlighting on the airA bright bird arises http://www.scottandrewbailey.uk

Mankind Limited – Fascinated

  http://www.scottandrewbailey.uk Read an excerpt here. Available as Kindle or hardback from Amazon or CreateSpace http://www.scottandrewbailey.uk

Mankind Limited – Succumb

Would all the earth succumb to the concrete blanket of mankind? Was that the best legacy they could leave? Was their vision that limited? One day there would come a time when it would be more profitable to tear these trees down than to leave them. Then there would be no power on earth that … Continue reading Mankind Limited – Succumb


By Scott Bailey © 2013 What’s behind the storyWhat is the reason for that newsWho gets the benefit, the prizeThe envelope with the breadThe law successfully passedThe company tracked greasedSomebody’s life made easierAt the cost of somebody else  www.scottandrewbailey.uk


By Scott Bailey © 2013 Silver twinesintricate wiresthin and delicatestretching from misty pastto infinite futureEach one a storya thread of lifeTwisting they come togetherWinding, entwiningFurther down the roadThe twines form a ropeStrongerOlderWiserThickerStiffer Originally published in A Spring of Dreams http://www.scottandrewbailey.uk