Are Our Phones Snooping On Us?

This is the question posed in this recent article.

I am becoming increasingly convinced by this. Obviously having read the article I am now on the lookout. I have seen what appears to be supporting evidence.

My wife and I had a conversation about me needing a new shaver – mine has broken and it’s my birthday coming up. I have done no searching at all on shavers as what I actually want for my birthday is a cheap lightweight laptop. Despite this, I have now seen three adverts for shavers online.


If you think about it the mobile phone has the potential to be the ultimate tool for “big brother”. It knows where you are, what you are doing, what your plans are, what your interests are and if they are listening to us then our most intimate conversations.

Talking of phones, mine is up for renewal. The market appears to have changed. I have always chosen the top of the range models as I use the features and for me, they are worth it.

Each time I have been showered with gifts so to speak. The last two times I got a free tablet, the time before that my current (defunct) laptop. This time – nothing – in fact I am being expected to shell out for the privilege.

Time for cutbacks I think. Might have to settle for something less than top of the range, this time, around, especially as I am now getting paid a lot less.

Ho hum.

3 thoughts on “Are Our Phones Snooping On Us?

  1. neilirving Sun April 24 2016 / 7:40 am

    Mobile phones definitely know where you have been, if you have a android phone and keep the GPS on which Google and android recommends and go to lol good alibi if you are being good not so good if you are naughty 🙂


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