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By Scott Bailey © 2015 Space. It stretched out before him - endless, dark, enticing. The stars were faint and blurry through the thick glass view port, moving in a slow arc across his vision. He could feel the endless nothing all around, calling to his soul, a siren’s whisper. Float with us. Float with… Continue reading Confined

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Posting Problems and Prompts

Apologies to my followers for posting the same post two days in a row but it was to try and get to the bottom of an issue, For some reason that particular post is not showing on the relevant Daily Post page. WordPress are looking into it 🙂 But while I am here - do… Continue reading Posting Problems and Prompts

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Watch “Alexanders Science Lab” on YouTube

When homework is cool.

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New Website

So I have been a little bit quieter than normal on here - scheduled posts aside. This is partly because I have been working on a new version of my website. There were a number of reasons for this. Firstly, it needed a refresh. It was also getting quite hard to update - the pages being… Continue reading New Website

Mankind Limited
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Mankind Limited Another Review

"This book ⇑⇑⇑ should be a movie. Somewhere in Hollywood right now there are actors waiting for their agents to deliver this story in script format to them. The makings of all action-packed adventure films is here. I can see the film in my mind’s eye. But this one is different. It’s not fast-paced for… Continue reading Mankind Limited Another Review

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Annoying ads

I don't know which is more annoying, that damn tipo song or the smug twats in the Microsoft ads.

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Self Publishing Ups and Downs

Well, it's only been a week since I venture onto Smashwords so this is probably premature - but... Emotionally it's been up and down. I was elated that I got through to the premium catalogue on the first attempt - gives me confidence that I have the technical skills at least! Seeing my book in the… Continue reading Self Publishing Ups and Downs

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Thoughts and updates

So his blog has been a bit quiet lately - mostly reblogs. I was ill for a while, then my kids were ill. Work has been stressful as usual and life has been in the way. But I have managed to do some writing, just not for blogging purposes. I have edited my latest collection… Continue reading Thoughts and updates


Are Our Phones Snooping On Us?

This is the question posed in this recent article. I am becoming increasingly convinced by this. Obviously having read the article I am now on the lookout. I have seen what appears to be supporting evidence. My wife and I had a conversation about me needing a new shaver - mine has broken and it's… Continue reading Are Our Phones Snooping On Us?

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New Author Website!

I have completely revamped and refreshed my author website! My previous one was set up hastily and partly in order for me to learn the basic concepts of the yii2 framework. The new one does not use a framework - yet. It is based on simple HTML pages using a free template. As it stands… Continue reading New Author Website!

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The Lost Art of Listening – to Albums

Pink Floyd had a good point when resisting the demands to release their albums digitally. They argued that their music was written to be listened to as a whole - that their songs melded into one another and were not distinct entities. I am very guilty of that. I hop in the car, switch on… Continue reading The Lost Art of Listening – to Albums

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Dealings Revealed

So to follow-up from my previous post- Dodgy Dealings - this was the answer from CreateSpace Greetings and thank you for contacting us with your inquiry. Retailers, including Amazon, allow third-parties to sell products on their websites. If your book is available through the or Amazon Europe sales channels, then these third-party sellers may also list… Continue reading Dealings Revealed

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Amazon Sneaky Tricks

OK, Rant Time! Amazon has suddenly become very sneaky about signing you up for amazon prime.  When you order anything there are several screens to go through to get to the checkout now and on everyone the default choice is one that will sign you up for a free trial! Now I now it's a free trial… Continue reading Amazon Sneaky Tricks

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New Desktop!

My slightly more organised shiny new desk setup! If only I had this at home - writing would be much more pleasurable 🙂

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A quick post

To test whether I am now posting to my Facebook author page. Move along - nothing to see here.... Oh OK then Try this...... Only Us By Scott Bailey © 2014     We don’t understand The fight between them and us There is only us


Article: British man comes up with brilliant ploy for getting revenge on spammers

British man comes up with brilliant ploy for getting revenge on spammers

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Author Page Growing

After a concerted effort - my Facebook page has exceeded 1000 likes. Now if I could just turn those likes into sales of book I would be a happier man. Any hints or pointers welcome.

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Author Pages

I have now set up both a Facebook Author page and my own website Check them out - and like if you like 😉  

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Strange Computer Logic

Sometimes the algorithms computers use to serve us up stuff are just weird. I usually watch Only Connect on BBC iplayer. The other day - when I had finished watching it had suggestions on what else I might like to watch. Snog, Marry, Avoid! What! How the hell did it think after watching one of… Continue reading Strange Computer Logic

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Blast from the Past

My father in law found this (somewhere? I don't know where?) and dropped it off for the kids to play with. Talk about bringing back memories. Any other old techies out there have one of these?  

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Maths, maths, maths!

Today I have wrestled with weighted linear regression, multiplying and inversing matrices and trying to convert an extremely complex excel spreadsheet full of formulae I had never seen before in my life into a PHP function! So that was fun! Still I am not as bad as this guy.

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The Triumph of the Subconscious

A while ago - and again I have lost any links or references to it - I saw a documentary on how the subconscious can take over and solve tricky problems for you. I think it was a BBC Horizon episode but could be wrong. It described how many great thinkers often had similar habits… Continue reading The Triumph of the Subconscious

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Editing Tool

Thought I would share this tip as it's helping me out no end. I have as you may or may not known already published my first novel Mankind Limited. This was my first foray into self publishing - while it has been well received I have not yet started to do any proper marketing yet… Continue reading Editing Tool

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Ageing Movies

So I stumbled upon Bladerunner on the tellybox last night. There's an odd effect with films like this. It's set in the future - from when it was made. 2019 to be specific. Now that future is practically here, we can see that the 'predictions' were well out. However, the film still works, many such… Continue reading Ageing Movies

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Two Weeks Notice!

There is a big story all over the news about the impending cyber attack in two weeks time. Everyone panic! and update and virus check! But what about XP users? Support was withdrawn for that sometime ago? As I understand it there is a lifeline for them but it has to have them nervous right?… Continue reading Two Weeks Notice!