New year, new challenge.

So last year I had a plan. To not post anything new on my website. I figured that by posting all my new work I was then eliminating that work from competitions etc.

So the plan was, keep the site going by reposting old stuff, while waiting new stuff in the background.

Well, that didn’t really work. I did the posting, but very little writing in the background. I did a few poems and a few short stories but nowhere near as much as I wanted.

So what to do?

I need a kick up the proverbial butt. So I  have decided to try another daily post challenge. I did one years ago, a poem a day challenge. This time I will try and do a post a day for a year based on this document. I may diverge from the suggestions but they will be the spring board.

To address my concern about eliminating myself from markets I will actually do two. One I will publish the other I will keep private.

I will also make each prompt a post that people can link back to if they want to join in.

I will also still post old posts. Let’s see how it goes.

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