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Ode to my Wife

In response to Scott’s Daily Prompt, Cupid’s Arrow

Through glass doors, I saw your eyes
They struck me that very first time
And as you waited, I felt surprise
And bells began to chime
I had been resigned until that day
To accept a single life
Now it seemed I must find a way
To make this girl my wife
I opened up those doors that day
And let you in my life

You sashayed by in your silky skirt
More than my heart arose
I wondered if would just be hurt
If this road I chose
History did not promise much
My track record did not shine
But your perfection I longed to touch
Could it be that you’d be mine?
To the smallest hope, I would clutch
And revelled in your shine

Your beauty, your smile they stole my heart
I longed to hold you near
To be your friend was a shaky start
Al least I could be near
Until that day we made took the leap
We became more than friends
Then my heart was forever deep
With a love that never ends
And though age and time forever creep
This love still never ends

Your ever happy shining heart
Lights my life through every waking hour
You are a living work of art
A beauty like a flower
You stir my lust, you stir my love
You want to make me grow
You are sunshine from above
A perfect warming glow
You are my hope bringing dove
May your light forever flow

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