Odd Stats

According to Amazon’s own Author Central – the ranking for all three of my books has shot up considerably – despite the fact that I haven’t sold any extra copies lately.

Wonder what’s going on?


Self Publishing – the Downside

I love the whole self-publishing world. I have embraced and become a part of it.

It has given me and many more like me a voice in the world. It has allowed us to bypass the gatekeepers at the submissions desk and reach an audience – however small.

However, there is a downside. Not a huge one but I have encountered it recently.

As I am trying now to concentrate on short stories – not very successfully so far – I thought it was high time I read a few more. So jumped onto my Kindle App on my tablet – entered a search for Science Fiction Short Stories.

I swear – 99% of the results showed a half-naked man or woman. In other words, 99% of them were erotica!

Talk about getting a whiff of success and jumping on the bandwagon!

Don’t get me wrong – I have been known to read and enjoy a bit of erotica. But so much! Too much!

Thankfully Google was more helpful.

I settled on this:

I haven’t read any of his work apart from Good Omens but there seems to be a good vibe around it. I’ll give it a go.


First hard copy sales.

Sold my first three copies of A Spring of Dreams in paperback. All at once. So either someone is buying Christmas presents or it is a reseller sending in all their orders at once.

Either way it’s a big boost to my confidence.

Dodgy Dealings?

Well, this is odd.

I recently made my novel Mankind Limited available in paperback format (see details here).

Now it seems that a used copy is being offered through amazon. (See here)

The odd thing is – I haven’t sold a single copy of the paperback version yet – so what’s going on?

Investigation underway.

Amazon Sneaky Tricks

OK, Rant Time!

Amazon has suddenly become very sneaky about signing you up for amazon prime.  When you order anything there are several screens to go through to get to the checkout now and on everyone the default choice is one that will sign you up for a free trial!

Now I now it’s a free trial and you can cancel it (I did right away!) but how easy is it to forget to cancel – or to miss the fact that you have signed up in the first place!

This stinks of the early days on the internet when you could find yourself signed up to mailing lists without explicitly giving permission. It erodes customer trust! Come on Amazon – don’t be sneaks!

New Blurb for my Novel

So as part of my imminent relaunch of my novel I have updated the blurb – I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. I get quite a few clicks on the Amazon link but not many sales. As it stands the blurb is fairly sparse so this new one tries to address that without getting too big.

What do you think? Would you read it on the basis of this blurb?

Trapped. In a world where everything is measured and controlled, where league tables rule supreme, Marc lives a weary existence. Until one day he breaks down – and breaks through the walls of society.

Four people, four rebels. Four journeys that lead them through self-doubt and self discovery. Their journey draws them into a  dangerous world of population control and drugs, of genetic engineering and animal warfare, of presidential assassination and fugitives.

Ultimately their paths converge on the road to revolution and the discovery of an ancient secret.


Pro Writer?


Had my first payment from Amazon for my self published novel – see to the right -> doe that make me a pro?

ps -it was only £25.

Smiley Face

Announcement Soon – watch this space

Some big news – for me anyway – I’ll write about it properly later.