Carry on..

Another attempt at collaborative fiction.

This one is just a scene – that anyone can carry on. I was thinking that anyone who contributes can then vote on the best next part and that goes forward – and then we all write the next bit and so on. (If that makes sense?)

Well it’s worth a try.

This was the thunder roll time. The heartbeat of the hunted time. The dawning of infinity.

Sweat beaded on her neckline. Her hands shook and she felt sick. It was the time of truths, of bare reality. The weight of life bore down on her, dragging her inwards yet compelling her forwards.

Time brooked no delay.

She opened……..

Join on..

So as promised I am posting a short story. It’s a strange little philosophical tale that can be added to by anyone.

The premise is an indeterminate number of friends in a fantastical situation and their response to it.

So to add to it simply add the response of another friend. Keep it short and simple – just a few lines. I have added four responses but even as I was writing them was aware of the myriad of other responses there could be. I am interested to see if there are others I had not thought about.

So here it is.

Lunch Hour

Started by Scott Bailey

There were some friends. And a hall. An infinite hall, with marble walls and pillars that stretched forever into the distance.

And there were tables. Row after row after row of tables. On each table was a never-ending supply of a single dish. In that hall, on those tables there could be found every dish that had ever been imagined, concocted and served up in all of human history.

With a thought you could be sitting before any dish you could think of. Or you could ask your neighbour for a recommendation and try something new. The name of the dish was enough to take you there.

It was time for the friends to eat. They entered and they took their paths through the hall. They commenced their lunch.

As they knew – it was a once only meal.

An hour later they reconvened, look each other in the eyes and assessed their time beneath the infinite arches.

The first spoke.

“I tried as many different tastes as I could. I jumped from table to table and I can honestly say that I know of no one who, could have filled their time here with as many different flavours as I. Yet. Now I am here –  wonder why? I stand here before you proudly stating the quantity of meals I have partaken off – yet I wonder why does that matter? Not one was complete. Have I missed the joy of a meal.”

He hung his head, deep in thought and regret. But second friend spoke.

“You make me wonder. What taste did I miss? I did not try many different meals, For quite soon I found one that I really enjoyed. I sat down and savoured the taste. People around me did the same and we discussed the meal and more besides. I do not regret that – no it was heartwarming – but I wonder at the tastes I missed. Was there a better meal still that I could have savoured with more relish?”

The third friend looked haunted.

“I did not eat. I wanted to try everything but I realised this was not possible, that it was a dream that could only fail. Yet I felt that to just sit down and eat was an insult to the great hospitality and variety that had been laid before us. I fell in with a group of other like-minded people and we were determined to resolve this dilemma with the gifts of reason we have been bestowed with. I have been a fool.”

“You are all fools!” said a fourth friend.

“I knew the way – I understood the correct combination of meals that would allow perfection! I tried to tell you but you would not listen! So many people did not listen! Fools! But there were some and we understand that we have eaten correctly and that we will be rewarded for that. I pity you – you have wasted your lunch hour.”

From Liz Bryant (via Facebook)

“I knew that every choice I could possibly imagine was available to me if only I could be sure to think of my heart’s desire but I couldn’t trust myself to be sure my imagination would conjure my one enduring favourite dish so I watched everyone else and enjoyed observing them choose and enjoy and I admired those who took time to consider, enjoyed and left happy that they had made the right choice”

A New Story…

Well today has been both normal and different.

I had the same getting up and going to work, some report writing and investigations there. Same old same – though the weather was better.

Alexander and Mummy spent the day going out to one of his play groups and had a good time. He was his normal mix and naughtiness and adorability.

When I cane home we spent some time playing football in the garden with him and again he was both short-tempered and having the occasional tantrum, (which were ignored and therefore diffused) and at the same time inventive and intelligent in the games he was making up with the footballs.

We had dinner, settling down time and then put him to bed. He was asleep in my arms before he even got into bed. Mummy got into writing more essays for her course.

The differences?

Well. Alexander – for the second time this week, suddenly had a fit of being very scared of something. He couldn’t tell us what it was but Mummy had to ring me up at work and pretend that I was coming home right that minute in order to calm him down. It was very strange and by the time I got home he had forgotten it and could not tell me what it was all about. A bit strange – maybe separation anxiety resurfacing – maybe due to the fact that he is talking about and thinking about Lucas more.

The other difference. I wrote and finished a short story – the first for ages. I say finished it’s not technically but my part is finished. I will be posting it shortly after this and you will see what I mean.

It was an idea that had been buzzing around in my head for ages but not as a story, just as a concept. I realised at work today that it could be a strange little story – as well as an experiment in collaborative writing. I have done my part but it can be appended by other people,

So watch this space