Goodbye and Good Riddance to 2017 – And farewell some beloved Faces


I have been quiet for the past week or so – enjoying time with the family and Christmas!

Looking back at the end of the year and the title says it all. It is a year we hope not to repeat.

But there have been some good bits. I have a far better job.

And I achieved my small target for stats. Hit the 20,000 views for this year. While this is small fry compared to others – it was good for me.

Anyway – I have already posted about my future plans for the blog.

Farewell Frank Delaney

The end of the year brings about other reflections. I remember that 2016 was pretty brutal for taking our celebrities. (Ours? Are they ours? Wonder what made me type that?).

Looking at the list for this year it seems little better – though many of them did not get as much publicity.

One, in particular, caught my eye. I only found this out yesterday though it happened earlier in the year. This was Frank Delaney.

Frank Delaney
Frank Delaney

It was Frank Delaney who really fired up an interest I already had in ancient Celts – with his series “The Celts” and his book “The Legends of the Celts.” It led to a lifelong passion for the subject.

The Celts - Frank Delaney


The Legend of the Celts
The version of the book I have.


I can highly recommend both of these works – especially if first delving into the subject. They are very accessible, the first of what has become “popular history” books.

The series also introduced me to the work of Enya – who composed and performed the soundtrack to the series.

The Celts - Enya
The original cover of the Album that was the soundtrack to Frank Delaney’s series. Before Enya hit the really big time and it got a makeover. Somewhere (probably in the loft) I still own this version. On cassette!


It’s a shame his passing didn’t get more recognition – it is a great loss.

Happy New Year

So looking forward – here’s to a better new year for everyone. Happy New Year!



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Image Search.”

Pick a random word and do Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind.

So I picked a random word from here – a random word generator. And the eleventh picture was this.


All Change

By Scott Bailey © 2014

Here we are today
Beavering away like slaves
History forgets

Poem a day challenge #239 (The Changing of the Guard)

The Changing of the Guard

By Scott Bailey © 2014

Changing times and names
War and scandal and divorce
Mother reigns again

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Poem a day challenge #237 (The Northern Stewards)

The Northern Stewards

By Scott Bailey © 2014

The thistle embraced the wilting rose
Joined the lands as one
Wars still rumbled across hill and plain
Dividing faith from faith

The stewards who ascended high
Would rise and fall and rise
Held heads so high they thought divine
Then tumbled to the ground

Sons of the island lost to war
The people scarred and tired
One form of tyrant sent to death
Another imposed dark law

Return and rise the stewards house
Shaky on the seat
Look to longingly to the holy see
The thistle withered away

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Poem a day challenge #236 (The White Rose Blooms)

The White Rose Blooms

By Scott Bailey © 2014

A renaissance across the land
Throwing off the far-flung shackles
For new ones closer to home
A new white dawn

Grabbing the holy riches
Gold crosses forged to swords
War in all directions
An empire to rebuild

Tall ships grew and multiplied
New lands found and won
The power of word proliferates
Especially the words of one

All the globe within the globe
Sounds echo down to now
Expose the hearts of Kings and Queens
Commoner, thief and maid

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Poem a day challenge #235 (The Golden Sprig of Broom)

The Golden Sprig of Broom

By Scott Bailey © 2014

The invaders became the natives
And the empire grew and grew
Still one tongue ruled, another served
Ambitious chances were few

Once King extended the lands
Far across the sea
A golden time of riches
For those who were still free

In wars the riches squandered
By the lion and the snake
Rebellion loomed open the crown
As liberty crawled awake

So some power leaked away
Through the reluctant pen
That signed the future of the land
Hope was found again

For many years this house ruled
Until the roses clashed
From golden empire this dynasty
To war and bloodshed crashed

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Poem a day challenge #234 (The Class of 1066)

The Class of 1066

By Scott Bailey © 2014

The end of dynasties across the land
The removal of a class
The subjugation of a race
Custom smashed like glass

Upon the barest thread of claim
They came to take the crown
Rewrote the laws that bind us still
And all was written down

Here began the deep divide
Between rulers and the ruled
They claimed the justice of the lord
But very few were ruled

So across the short sea gap they came
With sword and shield and horse
Built castles high and mighty
Changing this fair island’s course

Adding new language to our tongues
Enriching and splitting too
Some words reserved for nobility
And some would never do

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Poem a day challenge #233 (The Children of Thunder)

The Children of Thunder

By Scott Bailey © 2014

Rising up and crashing down
On the cold, dark northern sea
Through hail and thunder, rain and show
The dark behind we flee

Filled with fear and hunger
From their lands bereft
They gorged their souls on anger
Till nothing else was left

They crashed upon the naked shores
Like children of the thunder
And every wall they came across
The smashed and tore asunder

The burnt the words of holy men
Carved scars into the nation
But also left their words and ways
While singing their elation

Some stayed in the conquered lands
Creating yet more divides
Their echoes ring across the years
In our veins their blood resides

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Poem a day challenge #232 (Golden Waves)

Golden Waves

By Scott Bailey © 2014

Waves of gold crash onto the shore
Bringing fire and steel and songs and roars
Colour and light bleed into the dark
Writing new borders,new Gods, new laws

Times of war and the shining axe
The pagan, the warrior, the thegn
The land divided up once more
Darkness was here again

Lost the marble luxuries
Returned to hall and hearth
Here began the journey
Of these words winding path

And here were born the names
That linger down through time
That give us all identity
Born from conquests crime

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Poem a day challenge #231 (Eagles)


By Scott Bailey © 2014

Lines upon lines
Red and gold
Standing against
The wild blue bold

A stamps of order
And authority
Here is born

Silk and steel
Rules the land
Gifts and death
In this hand

Shapes indelible
Left on the land
Words both spoken
And written in sand

Strength and order
The order of the day
The eagles left
Their order will stay

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Poem a day challenge #230 (Iron)


By Scott Bailey © 2014

Hard, cold and grey
Dull and unreflective
Sharpened for weapons of war
Blunted for tools of toil

Yet there is more
Glowing in the forge
Twisted into marble patterns
Delicate chains and swirls

Mounts for jewels
Brooches for queens
Pins and forks and hooks
A myriad of ideas were born

Flowing from use to form
New forms growing fast
The sword fights, the lock defends
The cauldron holds the feast

Times of war and growth of lore
Times of great halls a roaring
Look past the iron-grey mist of time
To see the colours flower

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Poem a day challenge #229 (Stone and Bronze)

Stone and Bronze

By Scott Bailey © 2014

They left a legacy written in stone
Plain for all to see
Yet there are less lucid signs
Discovered carefully

Lines that lay across the land
Tales of times gone by
Showing us in hidden ways
To be read by those who try

The tracks we walked long ago
The boundaries of old
A story laid on every hill
And every vale and fold.

And on our tongues and in our tales
Echoes of the past
Holy places beyond the cross
Beyond a gulf so vast

Shapes and forms from ancient times
Still glimpsed within the heart
Of dance and song and tales that burn
And every blessed art

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