New Superhero Idea

My eldest – aged 8 – came up to me today and proposed his idea for a new superhero, with a grin – he relayed it.

It’s a man who gets bitten by a radioactive man and gets all the powers of a man. It’s Man-Man!

That’s displaying quite sophisticated humour, I think.



The Errant Fox

That little flurry of posts – a series of poems about wolves and foxes that I wrote some time ago, was prompted by a Facebook post that tickled me earlier.

A local resident had posted on our village Facebook Page “Has anyone lost a dog? It’s in my house and going mad.”

He posted a picture.

It was a fox.


Poem a day challenge #283 (The Cat That Turned)

The Cat That Turned

By Scott Bailey © 2014

Bubblepot the cat
Decided it was enough
So stole mankind’s keys

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