Zombie Apocalypse?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.”

Zombie Apocalypse?


By Scott Bailey © 2015

From paper to cheek
Paint is slapped with joyful glee
Release the zombie!

The Gunner’s Dream

Shared The Gunner’s dream on Facebook tonight – prompted by a post from the Pink Floyd page. It’s a song I can always come back to – I always wanted to write down the lyrics in calligraphy on the wall as decoration, but I am no visual artists and it wouldn’t come out as expected.

And that’s the reason I think. I always wanted to be able to draw or paint but I think my problem is that I have a real vivid image in my mind what I want it to look like. It never does. I suspect tough that’s not how artists work, they instead convey an impression of what they want to get across. A representation.

I am not sure why I have an issue with this as that’s essentially what you do when writing – though looking back at my early stuff I can see that I was trying too hard to write exactly what I was seeing in my mind. Now I can let go and trust the reader to fill in the details.

Just can’t do the same with visual arts.

Plus have zero talent.

As you can probably tell – not much took place today out of the ordinary routine.

Been reading the Frank Herbert book I was sent – I need to finish that as a review is expected. It’s very good just very long and involved.