Andervayne’s Dream and Other Poems

In these times of quick gratification and short attention spans, I decided to try and buck the trend and present something not only with greater length but also depth.

The poems in this collection were written over a long period and for different purposes. They are varied but they are all long. And they all represent challenges. Each was a challenge to myself, to sustain a quality of writing for a long period and within tight constraints of form while still telling a story. They also represent and challenge to the reader. The challenge to throw off the pressure of everyday life, the pressure to hurry, hurry, hurry to take the time to read something, absorb it over time.

Such effort needs reward, these poems should not be a one-time quick fix. If the reader is going to put that effort in then there should be a payoff, they should be able to continue to get something from it afterwards. Whether that be from contemplation of what they have digested or from revisiting, rereading and seeing things they missed the first time around. So the final challenge to me was to provide this depth of content – not just quantity.

Andervayne's Dream

A Spring of Dreams

365 poems of different forms and moods. A poem a day for a year.

Read in a Spring of Dreams now.


By Scott Bailey © 2021

What am I?
A stat?
A pawn in political games?
The means to fast gains?
Am I to be educated?
Or protected?
Am I a spreader?
A killer of the old?
Nobody has asked me.
About my heart.
My lungs!
My emotion!
My whole life,
Is in the hands of the greedy and corrupt.

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2020 Vision

By Scott Bailey © 2020

We saw clearly 
In the year 2020
Saw what was important 
And who was not
Saw who lied
Saw who cared
Greed and corruption 
Laid bare
For all to see
What will we do
With our 2020 vision?

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Less Noise, More Action

That kind of sums up my approach to 2020, particularly to writing.

2019 was not overly productive for me. I curated and edited some old work into a new collection – Andervayne’s Dream. I also continued to try and market my existing books, Mankind Limited, A Spring of Dreams and Thirteen Tales of Ghosts. Not to much success.

All this has mean that along with the demands of life, many family illness and dealing with a son with Autism, I have not had much time to actually write anything new. I have kept my blog alive by reposting old work daily.

I tried NaNoWriMo, but again, due to life commitments and stress, did not complete it – though I did come out of it with five drafts of short stories.

So. New years resolutions!

Firstly, it should be noted I have 100% failure rate on these. I can make goals and get there, just not new years resolutions. I think this is because I tend to try and make big life changing ones.

So this year I am going to do two things. One, I am making them public, here and now. Hopefully that will give me kick up the backside to actually complete them. Secondly, I am making them a bit more modest.

So this is my plan for 2020.

One poem a week.

One short story a month

Enter one competition or submit to one publication per month.

These are reasonable and well within my capabilities. 52 poems and 12 short stories. I have done far more that that in a shorter time before.

The other big difference will be that I will not be posting them on my blog. I am keeping them unpublished so I can use them to submit to competitions and publications.

Which means, this blog will be a lot quieter this year.

Less noise, more action.

What do you seek?

If it is a tale of a farmhand, dreaming of the landowners daughter, becoming a knight and facing trials amongst fantastical creatures. This might be the place for you

If it is the tale of two magical lover’s, dancing on a cloud, maybe you have found the moment to pause and take note.

If it is the tale of a knight’s rebellion against oppression, wait a while.

If you want to explore the ins and outs of ambitious courtiers and their magic, one step too far, then wait awhile

Step into my realm of dreams awhile.

Andervayne’s Dream

and other poems

Rejoining the Blogosphere

and asking a favour.

So I have been relatively quiet on social media and the blog lately, confining myself to reblogs and teasers. This has largely been down to real life concerns taking over, things that needed attention and drained me.

But the other reason is that, having very little time, I dedicated it all to working on my next project – which is now ready! You may have seen the coming soon posts – that went on a lot longer than intended :-/

So now – it really is coming soon! From the 11th June to 15th will be the official launch and the book – Andervayne’s Dream and other poems – will be be free. As an added bonus all my other books will be on sale . for the same period.

Proper posts will be coming in the next few days to count down to the 11th.

The favour?

Share the heck out of them 🙂 Help me get the word out.

And if you fancy a good read – download it, enjoy it, and write up some reviews 🙂

Another Sale!

Out of the blue not only sold a book of poems but also my novel.

They both make good presents. Not to mention the new short story collection.

Check them all out at my website.