Mankind Limited Excerpt

To whet your whistles here is the Prologue and Chapter One. Prologue Darkness outside. From the expanse of his office, the Facilitator gazed down at the city spread below. Orange lights twinkled. A busy machine. It was his. They were entwined. Both products of this still young, brave new millennium. He smiled. He held a … Continue reading Mankind Limited Excerpt

A Spring of Dreams

By Scott Andrew Bailey The result of a year-long challenge to write a poem a day for a year. Raw and accessible poems of many moods. Presented as they were written and so reflecting my mood, my life and my time constraints at the time. Available as Kindle or hardback from Amazon or CreateSpace

Ring of Justice (Kyrielle)

By Scott Bailey © 2013 In golden age where steel was kingRich voices of great bards there ringThe rising pride of knights there swellsAround the ring where justice dwells Behind the throne where power liesThe dark intent deep in his eyesThe ancient druid gathers spellsAround the ring where justice dwells The jealous son holds his … Continue reading Ring of Justice (Kyrielle)

Blue Star

By Scott Bailey © 2013 Blue star beamSlides by a smoky moonDances through Saturn’s ringsA lone abyssal tuneLingers by the Jovian stormsThen on to lunar dustDown through cool and silent skyDrawn down and down like lustBrief it touches silken skinPauses for a spellThen down into the darknessOf the iris that does swell.

Glory Days

By Scott Bailey © 2013 So the soldier walks alonebeneath thestarry nightHe has no aim but distancefrom the bloody fightBut the war it still pursues himsnapping at his heelsHe slips into the forest deepbeyond those broken hills O glory daysThose glory daysThey’ve shatteredand they fadeThey only left a rumourA shadowwhere they laid So the sword … Continue reading Glory Days