Poem a day challenge #192 (Searching)


By Scott Bailey © 2013

Swimming in infinity
Our thoughts and words and deeds
Seeking out affinity
Where ideas can become seeds
And grow beyond the fates
Of our everyday lives
And open up the gates
where potentiality thrives

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A Good Day

After all the rushing around trying to get various things done we decided that we would forget it all today and have some relaxed family time.

So we got up late, didn’t rush to any timetable and did what Alexander had been dying to do for ages. We went swimming. As Faversham has an outside pool and it was very hot – we had a great time. It was like being on holiday abroad without the travel, exchange rates and general stress.

Everyone was very happy.

Sunshine and fun.

At long last the sun has made an appearance. We had already decided our day and this just encouraged us more.

We had a quick trip to stock up on picnic goodies then went to the sea wall at Seasalter to eat it.

This was wonderful, sun cool breeze, smell of the sea. And very quiet too.

We then headed off to Maidstone to go swimming. By the time we got there both mummy and Alexander were both asleep, heads swaying side to side in unison as we went around corners.

We had a fantastic time swimming. Alexander had no fear – which was a bit of a problem as he kept running off beyond our reach. Luckily no harm came but has made us more determined to get his swimming lessons sorted out.

After I had a surprise for them – something I had spotted while they were asleep. In the park next to the swimming pool was a fun fair. So we took Alexander to that.

Again he showed no fear by insisting on going on a very fast Bob sledge kind if ride. He did regret this a bit though but did not care for long as he then won a plastic sword on one of the stalls. That was his day made.

Came home and he snuggled on the sofa with us watching Peter Pan which he was completely absorbed by.

All in all a good family day.