Next Year

I am in a quandary – what to do with this blog next year. This year I set up prescheduled posts – three a day for a whole year! Then I posted each day as and when I could. This has resulted in two things. A lot of repetition, the same posts being seen over … Continue reading Next Year

The Silliness

The Silliness By Scott Bailey © 2014 We were the wise ones. Wandering in from all over the world. High on the haze of laughter and drink. Occasional lovers, always just friends. And game after game we polished our views. Where did it go? That time of the silliness, the time of the laughs. Was it … Continue reading The Silliness

Not Enough Sleep

Today’s blogging101 task was Try (Another) Blogging Event So I chose this one – TAKE THE 50-WORD STORY CHALLENGE It has ten prompts – I have only done one so far but will try to update all ten before the month is out! As if I didn’t have enough deadlines and challenges. This is the first … Continue reading Not Enough Sleep