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By Scott Bailey © 2015 From butterflies in spiders websTo wandering dogs down country roadsThese are just some of the deedsOf rescueShe has doneAnd of courseShe rescued my heartFrom certain single lifeAnd ensconced it inA loving family home

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NaPoWriMo Day #15

Off prompt again today - this one came to me last night while filling out adoption paperwork Rescue By Scott Bailey © 2015   From butterflies in spiders webs To wandering dogs down country roads These are just some of the deeds Of rescue She has done And of course She rescued my heart From… Continue reading NaPoWriMo Day #15

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About – (blogging101 – day #5)

So I have added a text widget with the updated version of my about page on - a paragraph I hope will draw people in to read the fuller page. In doing this I have also changed back my theme to an earlier one and swapped about the widgets. Most importantly I have removed the… Continue reading About – (blogging101 – day #5)

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Dreamers – (blogging101 – day 4)

Too brain-dead today - it's been a long hard day - to do today's task properly. So here is a poem that reflects the task - I will catch up tomorrow Dreamers By Scott Bailey © 2015 Reaching out To grasp our dreams We find the hands Of dreamers Joining them Holding fast Maybe Dreams can… Continue reading Dreamers – (blogging101 – day 4)

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Hello Neighbour – (blogging101 – day 3)

Today's task was say hello to the neighbours. Well I have already been doing quite a bit of that :-). So I decided to check the blogroll on theCommons site and check out the two links either side of mine. The first one - below mine - worked a treat and I said hello. Going… Continue reading Hello Neighbour – (blogging101 – day 3)

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Tagged you’re it – (blogging101 – day 2)

Today's task is all about the title and the tag line. As it's really aimed at new blogs I will keep this one brief. I am happy with my title and it's established now. So I decided to look at the tagline. My current one is accurate. Poetry, short stories, adoption and family dreams It… Continue reading Tagged you’re it – (blogging101 – day 2)

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Plead the Fifth

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Plead the Fifth." The question I find hard to answer - How many kids have you had. I have two - one by birth - one adopted. But we have had three - and whenever I say two it feels like we are betraying the memory of… Continue reading Plead the Fifth

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Forgetting it all for the weekend

So it seems the moment I signed up for NaNoWriMo the pressure from all sides of my life takes off like a rocket. Work has become more and more stressful. To the point of the web site having major problems last thing Friday night. At this point I was so sick with stress I decided… Continue reading Forgetting it all for the weekend

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NaNoWriMo Sparks!

Amazing what a difference 24 hours and some pressure makes. From nothing I now have the bare idea of a story in my head. No solid plot - but a rough idea of the two main characters, the setting and the themes! All I will say at this point is that it will be science fiction.

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NaNoWriMo and life.

So those few who follow my blog (and despite nearly 500 followers I know only a few are regular followers) will have noticed a drastic drop in my output. Since finishing my year of a poem a day I have done very little since. This is despite my promise to myself to keep up the… Continue reading NaNoWriMo and life.

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Quick Thoughts

Working hard from home - needed a break. Just a couple of thoughts and occurrences from the last few days. The second Hobbit movie was a lot better than the first! So was the second of the latest Muppet movies. Hosting kids birthday parties and play gyms is so much easier! Off to bed now.… Continue reading Quick Thoughts

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Poem a day challenge #278 (Together)

Together By Scott Bailey © 2014 Yet another step Up the winding stairs to you Slide down together   Get the previous ones here  and get my début novel Mankind Limited

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Proud Parents

Yes - forgive me but time to boast! Alexander got top marks from his teacher - doing very well in all ways. He has lots of friends at school and is enjoying it immensely. She particularly praised him for his participation - always willing to answer questions and take part in activities. We are very proud.… Continue reading Proud Parents

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Official letter

So we now have the official letter! All done - now the waiting for the matching begins. We have heard a few horror stories on that front - then again we have also heard cases that have gone from prep group to having a child in six months. Don't know which is more frustrating.

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Poem a day challenge #131 (Relief)

Relief By Scott Bailey © 2013 Weight from shoulders lifts Unanimous approval The road is still long Get the previous ones here  and get my début novel Mankind Limited

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So I haven't blogged much beyond the poem a day. It has been a bust couple of weeks. Partly because of work, partly because we have been on holiday so have been giving the computer a rest. So here is a quick précis of the past few weeks - more for my own reference really. It started… Continue reading Updates

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Holiday Relaxation – Not!

Well that's another holiday week done and dusted. And I will be returning more stressed than when I left. So the up and downs - let's do the downs first and leave it on a positive. There were tons of jobs to be done and this was one of the reasons to take some time… Continue reading Holiday Relaxation – Not!


Baby Memorial Garden, Car Trouble and Adoption Homework

Holiday has started. Not entirely well. So much for relaxing. Started with a quick trip to the garage as my wheel is making all sorts of noises. (I am thinking now the bearings are going). The garage (the second I have taken it to in as many days) could find nothing wrong. They could however… Continue reading Baby Memorial Garden, Car Trouble and Adoption Homework


And breathe…. 1.2 .3…..

So now I have had a phone call from the doctors - my blood pressure is high - but probably because of the situation they caused yesterday. So I have to go in tomorrow first thing to get it redone! grrrrrrrrrrrThis is the sort of needless delay that frustrates adopters. There's just no need for it.