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Not Enough Sleep

Today's blogging101 task was Try (Another) Blogging Event So I chose this one - TAKE THE 50-WORD STORY CHALLENGE It has ten prompts - I have only done one so far but will try to update all ten before the month is out! As if I didn't have enough deadlines and challenges. This is the first… Continue reading Not Enough Sleep

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The Silliness

Did get time to do blogging101 today - but have already done it really. So in lieu - here's an old poem of mine. The Silliness By Scott Bailey © 2014 We were the wise ones. Wandering in from all over the world. High on the haze of laughter and drink. Occasional lovers, always just friends.… Continue reading The Silliness

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AWOL – (blogging101 – day #7/8)

Completely failed at today's task and yesterdays - life has gotten in the way. But some of that is good - more about that later - if I get the chance. #blogging101 #theCommons #7/8


I am indecisive – I think

After seeing some great themes used in the Commons I have changed mine again. And added a randomised header picture.

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Header – (blogging101 – day #6)

Today's task done - added an image - changed some colours - done. #blogging101 #theCommons #5

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About – (blogging101 – day #5)

So I have added a text widget with the updated version of my about page on - a paragraph I hope will draw people in to read the fuller page. In doing this I have also changed back my theme to an earlier one and swapped about the widgets. Most importantly I have removed the… Continue reading About – (blogging101 – day #5)

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Themes – (blogging101 – day #5)

Today's task was to look at different themes for the blog. I have done this - I do it quite often - but have decided to keep my current one. There are plenty out here I like but like the one I have for now. But what do I look for in my theme? Well… Continue reading Themes – (blogging101 – day #5)

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Dreamers – (blogging101 – day 4)

Too brain-dead today - it's been a long hard day - to do today's task properly. So here is a poem that reflects the task - I will catch up tomorrow Dreamers By Scott Bailey © 2015 Reaching out To grasp our dreams We find the hands Of dreamers Joining them Holding fast Maybe Dreams can… Continue reading Dreamers – (blogging101 – day 4)

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Updates – (blogging101)

The last few days have had me thinking - so I have updated by about page with some more info on what the blog is about. #blogging101 #theCommons

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Hello Neighbour – (blogging101 – day 3)

Today's task was say hello to the neighbours. Well I have already been doing quite a bit of that :-). So I decided to check the blogroll on theCommons site and check out the two links either side of mine. The first one - below mine - worked a treat and I said hello. Going… Continue reading Hello Neighbour – (blogging101 – day 3)

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Tagged you’re it – (blogging101 – day 2)

Today's task is all about the title and the tag line. As it's really aimed at new blogs I will keep this one brief. I am happy with my title and it's established now. So I decided to look at the tagline. My current one is accurate. Poetry, short stories, adoption and family dreams It… Continue reading Tagged you’re it – (blogging101 – day 2)