Capitalist Control

Brave New World  (Aldous Huxley)  shows us almost perfect social control by programming people at birth – even before birth. People as used like cattle unaware and caring for nothing.

1984 (George Orwell). The people are fully aware of the hell they are in and the control the state has over them – they are kept in line by fear.

Mankind Limited (Scott Bailey)  shows capitalism being used as the perfect tool of social control keeping the cattle both happy and unaware.

Until a few people start to see the cracks.



By Scott Bailey © 2014

Minimal contact
Minimal support
Minimal communication
Maximum propaganda


In response to the daily prompt Minimal



What The Hell Are Straws For

I was watching our youngest (22 months old now) expertly drinking with a straw – wondering how the hell we taught him that or Alexander. They just seemed to pick it up. Which is lucky because when you think about it how do you explain how to use one when they are too young to understand language properly. By demonstration I suppose.

Anyway the point is my mind started wandering and I began to think about straws. For a young child they are pretty much perfect. You can give them a carton of drink that they can drink from when they haven’t yet mastered the art of tipping up an open top cup – and especially handy when you haven’t got a proper beaker to hand.

However – beyond that – what the hell is the point of straws. I mean – when you think about it they actually make the act of drinking a little bit harder.You have to suck! Now I am not complaining here – I don’t really care – but it does seem illogical to use a straw when you could just sip the liquid.

It’s not even like it improves the taste or anything. Why would we add inefficiency to something as vital as drinking.

OK – so maybe it was invented exactly for the situation described above – for young children. But now they are every where – we all use them at some point. In fact I bet there are multi million pound companies – providing jobs and financial throughput somewhere out there.

All based on making our lives just that tiny little bit harder – with our complicit approval.

As I said my mind wandered. It was brought back to reality when our son – having demonstrated his mastery then took out the straw and decided to tip the rest all over himself.

Perhaps he had been thinking along similar lines.

Poem a day challenge #332 (Golden Foundation)

Golden Foundation

By Scott Bailey © 2014

The world we live in
The very structures of our lives
Built upon gold
But gold is so soft
So who the hell
Made that decision

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Poem a day challenge #285 (Wrong Things)

Wrong Things

By Scott Bailey © 2014

Perfect thighs
Perfect abs
Perfect eyes
For perfect lives
We give our teens
Aspirational dreams
Of fame and fortune
Imaginary screens
And every flick of every light
Every glossy page so bright
Every song of every type
Every ad with teeth so white
Every billboard, every bus
Every website we like or plus
Every search and every text
Every life that we connect
Every meal and every drink
Every label phrased succinct
The many many many times
Perfect views assault our eyes
Programming the soft and greying minds
To covet
The wrong things
So much effort
Is required
For those minds
Are really wired
With the truth

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