Poem a day challenge #99 (Steely Stress)

Steely Stress

By Scott Bailey © 2013

The lights on the corners of the boxes of steel
Are giving me a pain in the head
Like the fools who drive slowly in the outside lane
They are driving but their brains are dead

They have a purpose those lights you see
And I expect them to flash
Maybe that is my big mistake
Forgetting people are so rash

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Poem a day challenge #65 (Traffic)

Traffic (Tanka)

By Scott Bailey © 2013

Brushed by death today
Metal boxes speeding
Too fast, too near me
Driven on by the wrong thoughts
Or expensive wanderings

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Poem a day challenge #53 (Silver)


By Scott Bailey © 2013

Shining argent in sunlight or silver sheen in the rain
Letter, rings, lions.
Phoenix or tiny names
Even flying angels and leaping fluid cats.
Bright, alluring but for many
The last thing they will see.

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Has to work from home due to snow. Was not deep but very icy and could not risk driving. Did try, but was slipping up the hill and there were several crashed cars already,  Once I got back had to help Bob as his car was stuck as he tried to park it.