It Is Rain

By Scott Bailey © 2015 It is rainAll the painAnd grief All the painOf everydayIt is rain Of everydayStressesWe are plagued But it is rainJust rainFalling down Rain makes usWet and coldDampens us If we chooseMiseryRain is heavy The sun will comeSummer rebornFrom spring Rain is lifeNourishmentFresh No miseryBe wet not dampBe soaked Revel in … Continue reading It Is Rain

One of THOSE days

So TV glamour aside – the reality of living with Autism in the family. I ended the weekend totally exhausted. Went to work determined to leave it all behind me and concentrate on a major project which culminates tomorrow – when we retire two old websites and divert all the users to the newer current … Continue reading One of THOSE days

Long Time No Write!

So this month is turning into a nightmare – writing wise – and in other ways. This has largely been down to the fact that I have felt ill for most of it. Running a high temperature and feverish. I can’t afford to take any time off sick and have been crawling into work, making … Continue reading Long Time No Write!