It Is Rain

By Scott Bailey © 2015 It is rainAll the painAnd grief All the painOf everydayIt is rain Of everydayStressesWe are plagued But it is rainJust rainFalling down Rain makes usWet and coldDampens us If we chooseMiseryRain is heavy The sun will comeSummer rebornFrom spring Rain is lifeNourishmentFresh No miseryBe wet not dampBe soaked Revel in … Continue reading It Is Rain

Poem a day challenge #345 (Lights)

Lights By Scott Bailey © 2014   Beacons of hope in darkness Shining from afar Reaching out to guide us But one is fitful and passing The other faithfully burns And as always Nature surpasses invention The beacon of life shines on

Poem a day challenge #217 (Fury and Wonder)

Fury and Wonder By Scott Bailey © 2014 We need fury and wonder to fire our song But the fire is dim the spark long gone So sift through the ashes for an ember that glows To tend and to blow through the wind and the snows And build from the ashes a new song, … Continue reading Poem a day challenge #217 (Fury and Wonder)

The Strangulation of the Great

By Scott Bailey So I was daydreaming in the bath – thinking about a book I read long ago – a biography of a famous 19th-century explorer and how he could be seen as representing men as a whole – but that’s a whole other post that will be coming soon. Anyway – in the … Continue reading The Strangulation of the Great