Danger, Danger, Democracy in Danger

So the most annoying thing about the referendum result for me is not the result itself – though that does annoy me! No, it’s the way it has come about.

The whole thing is just the result of some old Etonians having a scrap for power! It grasping for popularity and not giving a shit about who it hurts in the process! And none of them are bothering to hang around and fix the mess they created.

And now it’s going further – it’s happening in the labour party itself.


Seems someone is protecting a reputation and doesn’t give damn about who it destroys. I don’t know how true this story is but in a way it doesn’t matter. The point is whatever the reasons behind it the whole affair is destroying any trust that was left in politicians – allowing stories like this to be given credence. We can believe it’s possible as that’s what we think of our politicians.

So we are faced with a massive problem for democracy on two fronts.

If the government call a second referendum or ignore the first one and refuse to come out of the EU – a lot of people will probably never vote on anything again. Ignoring the fact that it is not how referendums work (they are a measure of opinion, not an instruction) the Brexiter’s  – and even some who were not  – will feel what is the point of voting if my vote is ignored.

Equally, if the coup against Jeremy Corbyn is successful – when he was elected with such a huge vote would leave many people feeling betrayed and wondering what the point was. If they oust him – I for one would never vote for Labour again. (He could start his own party and take all those supporters with him – rendering Labour unelectable for years.)

Which leaves us with the very real prospect that we end up with even more apathy and lower voter turnout than before – which is basically giving the politicians leave to do whatever the hell they want!

Dangerous times.


A politician who get us.

He has got a lot of flack from the frankly biased media since he became leader of the labour party. Not singing the National Anthem, missing media appearances and the latest, not going to the Rugby world cup.

He, Jeremy Corbyn, was apparently at his office listening to his people.

He cared more about doing the job than  a photo opportunity.

This is a politician who is more. More than a sound byte. More than a press release. He cares more about the job than his image.

That’s a breath of fresh air.

I don’t agree with all his policies – I would doubt anyone who agrees 100% with anyone else – everyone should be questioned – especially those who want to lead. I agree with more of his policies than any other politician.

The others, all those vapid empty vessels of media spin and glamour and afraid and so they should be. They are so far disconnected from the real world in their élite bubble that their only view of it is through the filter of their media advisers.

Jeremy Corbyn gets us. He gets the people.

Something we haven’t seen in a politician for a very long time

Poem a day challenge #259 (Poke)


By Scott Bailey © 2014

Lets all have some fun
Poking fingers at Cameron
Sound and bluster, empty clouds
But nothing solid for disillusioned crowds

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