Ageing Movies

So I stumbled upon Bladerunner on the tellybox last night. There’s an odd effect with films like this. It’s set in the future – from when it was made. 2019 to be specific. Now that future is practically here, we can see that the ‘predictions’ were well out.

However, the film still works, many such films still do. You suspend your disbelief and ignore the dates, just taking it as some unspecified time in the future.

Taken like that Bladerunner still works very well. There is very little to age it. It is still one of the greatest Sci-Fi films made and in my opinion Harrison Ford’s finest hour.

But – there was one thing that suddenly broke the suspension of disbelief for me. Three little letter – or rather three very large, neon lit letters.


For anyone like me whose teen years crossed the 80’s these three letters should be recognisable. They were all over those cassettes we used to tape the top 40 off the radio. All over the VHS tapes we used to record the late night films.

It’s almost adorable that the film makers thought they would still be around in the high-tech future – with flying cars!

In today’s film environment of more and more product placement I wonder how quickly today’s films will age? It’s already very noticeable with mobile phones. A film only has to be a few years old and the phones they are using look clunky and out dated.

I wonder if in 30 years time someone will be watching a film made today and wondering who the hell Apple were?

How times change.

Poem a day challenge #259 (Poke)


By Scott Bailey © 2014

Lets all have some fun
Poking fingers at Cameron
Sound and bluster, empty clouds
But nothing solid for disillusioned crowds

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