NaPoWriMo Day #30

I’ll end as I began..


By Scott Bailey © 2015

There once was a grouchy old poet
Who desperately tried not to blow it
So he strived hard to be
Like the tall world tree
Wisdom above and below it



NaPoWriMo Day #1

Well that started spectacularly bad.

I was so ill yesterday I didn’t get to post my poem. But I did write it in my head.

So this is yesterdays – today’s I will try to post later.


By Scott Bailey © 2015

There once was a grouchy poet

If happy, he sure didn’t show it.

A dragon was curled

Around his whole world

Fire above and fire below it.


Poem a day challenge #162 (Dive)

12 Hours day at work – and still not finished. So a quickie.


By Scott Bailey © 2013

There was a young diver called laurel
Who spent her life in the coral
Of the men of the land
She dismissed them offhand
As she found them just far too amoral

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