Beers Against Adversity

I am not a big drinker, for a number of reasons. I couldn’t afford it! I can’t take it. I very rarely get the chance.

Well, I had the chance this weekend. And I needed it.

It’s been trying. My wife has been unwell, her heart condition being exacerbated by viruses and colds. We have money worries piling up and our youngest is struggling with his behaviour at school – we have been summoned! We suspect they have forgotten the fact that he has ASD!

So I had a works do – all expenses paid. I was only supposed to go out for a few – but you know – that third one always persuades you otherwise. Plus it was a bit of a celebration having passed my three-month probation in my new job.

So it turned into a full night. An epic night.

A very long hungover Saturday.

I have to say a big thank you to my wife who understood. It might be some time before I can enjoy something like that again. Despite how she was feeling she let me have that time. Even took the kids out the next day to spare me.

Now we have to face the next hurdles. A visit to the school. A trip to the hospital for her pre-operation checks, then waiting for the phone call.

In between, we are trying to squeeze in time for our eldest who is getting his time with us squeezed by all this. He wants to start clarinet lessons! That, I really want to nurture.

Somehow, strangely, against all expectations, a debauched Friday night has made me feel better able to face it all.


The Best Teachers?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “We Can Be Taught!.”

I had a few good teachers but not many. And those that tried were wading against a tide of social programming. So school was not that productive for me. I left with few qualifications and no direction.

I drifted – pushed by financial necessity into work before I could begin to dream about what I might want from life.

So who were my best teachers?

They were my friends. They didn’t sit me down and lecture me they did two vital things.

They believed in me.

They believed in themselves and acted on that belief.

Watching them follow their dreams whatever the outcome – taught me the bets lesson in my life. To take control of my life and start steering my own destiny.

The best teachers are like the best writers – they show they don’t tell

The Shadow of Fear

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fight or Flight.”

The Shadow of Fear

By Scott Bailey © 2015

Flight or fight
They say
But that first day
The looming shadow
The bully
I was pinned
Couldn’t run
Couldn’t fight
Jellified with fear
Neither response available

For many years
That shadow stalked me
Until one day
I fought
And it fled

Floods and Frogs

Last night we had rain in biblical quantities. Hard, heavy rain that made a noise like hailstones. I didn’t really give it a thought. Unusual for the time of year – even in Britain – but not unheard of.

So when Rachel woke me up at 2.30am to investigate the sound of running water I was not best pleased. I had not heard her fully describe the issue though – probably due to my general sleepiness and string of bad language at being woken up for what seemed a trivial thing.

I put on the first pair of boots came across, normal ankle high work type boots, and stepped out the back door to have a quick look and placate Rachel.

Not a good idea. The water flowed over the top of my boots up my leg.

We had a major flood. It was lapping at the step of the back door. Wheelie bins were floating around as were half their contents and the kids tent was completely washed out.

Our garden has two level, it is lower near the back door then steps up halfway towards the back. The entire lower level was no basically a pond.

There was not much I could do at 2.30 in the morning beyond checking that it our hose pipe was off and we had no leaks anywhere – i.e. the flood was the result of the downpour and nothing else.

Next morning it turned out we had a blocked drain. Between the upper and lower level of the garden there is a drainage channel. This had over the years become totally blocked. So I had to left the grills and dig out the gunk, then grab an old tent pole to ram down the actual outlet until I finally freed the blockage and all the water rushed away.

Not the Sunday morning I had in mind.

Anyway – the reason for relaying all this was more interesting. The drainage channel outlet is under a very vibrant bush we have – so I had to crawl under this to get to it and start the business of unblocking it. While is was busy ramming it in I looked up and found myself face to face with this little fella!

20140629_115928 20140629_115918

It seems nature was quick to capitalise on the situation and this frog decided he was going to move in to this ready made pond before anyone else.

Not sure what he is going to do now his pond has disappeared as quickly as it came.

Alexander was very excited and had named him Mexico, as this is the team he is in for the school sports day tomorrow. Something we only found out a few days ago which is why the rest of Sunday was spent trying to find a Mexico football team green t-shirt for him. Thanks for that school.

The Entertainer

So Alexander has been entertaining us in many ways.

First he delighted us my writing and singing a song to nanny. The proclaimed that “Snowflakes have children’s wishes in!” Lovely.

Then to add to that I was talking to him about school. I asked him what they had been doing. He said that the two class puppets Ozzy and Lucy had got married. (They are learning about celebrations.) Then he beckoned me closer and said – these were his actual words.

“This’ll make you laugh daddy. They fell in love in the cupboard!”


Here’s a few of the other things he has been up too. Including, meeting one of his heroes (Jake – from the Neverland Pirates), seeing Dotty the Dragon at the Marlowe theatre and dressing up as a pirate for Children in need.

End of a Short Era

As Alexander has his last day at nursery today. A short break of a few weeks then he is off to school…


Another one of those days!

Started with it taking ages to get Alexander awake and off to nursery (not unusual really) He loves his lies ins – can’t think where he gets that from?

Went over to our factory in Broadstairs to pick up some units. Went to put the heavy box in the car when it split so I had to put it down hastily. Went to pick it up again and this time it was my trousers that split – completely. I had the feeling that I was in a seventies sitcom. (or a 2013 Ben Elton one).

Luckily the factory is right next to a shopping centre – so an emergency trip to a shop I’d rather not have had to buy from got me an £8 new pair.

So just had to get back to the office then. Which was easier said than done as the whole of Dover appeared to have been closed off due to a jack knifed caravan. Well according to the radio anyway so I had to detour through the country which would have been fine if I hadn’t seemed to have come across every closed road in existence.

So the result was I didn’t get into the office until nearly 12 and as I had to leave early not a great deal was done.

I had to leave early in order to get to an Evening at Alexander’s soon to be be new school. (I mean the one he is going to in September.) It’s all getting real now and he is growing up.

We met Alexander’s friends Alex’s parents there again. They had been previously torn between school choices whereas we had decided pretty much straight away after visiting that this one was the right one. After this evening they were agreeing.

We got him some bits of his school uniform to try on. He was so excited about this his reaction being “Awesome!” But then it is his favourite word at the moment.


Now must think of a poem – have one half finished so either have to finish that an post or write a complete one.