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By Scott Bailey © 2014 KillersCold and ruthlessHungryFor bloodHot vibrant blood Stepping outOf dark and mistsStrikingFrom dark pathsAnd winding ways Wearing fearLike flowing cloaksChilling hearts that seeStilling lifeUnseen NowThey walk by dayWoo us with tragedyShake our handsEnamour us withTheir smiles Drain usAs we admire their teeth Image from Pixabay

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Get into the Halloween mood.

Thirteen Tales of Ghosts. Settle down in the dark and lose yourself in fear.... A collection of short stories concerning ghosts. Some are traditional ghost stories in the tradition of M.R. James and Edgar Allan Poe. Other are not. Some scare, some are fun. Some play with the concept of a ghost. There are ghosts… Continue reading Get into the Halloween mood.

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The Shadow of Fear

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Fight or Flight." The Shadow of Fear By Scott Bailey © 2015 Flight or fight They say But that first day The looming shadow The bully I was pinned Couldn't run Couldn't fight Jellified with fear Neither response available For many years That shadow stalked me Until one… Continue reading The Shadow of Fear

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Poem a day challenge #134 (The Dark)

The Dark By Scott Bailey © 2013 The darkness where the heart beats fast The shadows where no moonlight’s cast The deepest dell of starless nights Gleaming eyes the only light The sound of cold and ancient breath On the breeze the scent of death A rustle from behind the trees A snapping twig the… Continue reading Poem a day challenge #134 (The Dark)