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End of Year Nosedive

Well, this has not been the best of years. If stress were a commodity I would be rich. Think it finally caught up with me this week. Felled by a virus I succumbed to fever and panic and have been in bed for a lot of it. Thus - I haven't written any new blogs… Continue reading End of Year Nosedive

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Best Year So Far!

When I hit over 10000 views at the end of last year I thought it would be a hard target to beat - yet here I am just over halfway through the year and I have beaten it already! I have to thank my followers and all who have read - a little or a… Continue reading Best Year So Far!

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Chasing Stats

Not that I  am obsessed with stats but I am two views short of beating the whole of last year.. and it's only October.

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New Reader – no Readers!

The new reader? Well I have to admit - I quite like it. It looks very clean and modern. I don't like all the changes WordPress have made lately but I like this one. However - has it got anything to do with the fact that no-one is reading my blog today!

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Poem a day challenge #254 (Ink Stains)

Ink Stains By Scott Bailey © 2014 Slash of black on white Ink scar scored in pain Indicting words inflame Passions in the hurt The pen defeats the sword Words echo strong down time But numbers drown the words Blur and blot the ink The echo fades Singers sing TV lulls the wise There is… Continue reading Poem a day challenge #254 (Ink Stains)