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Somehow posted a blog twice today. Hey ho. Getting views and likes on both versions 😁

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In Need of Prompts

Now JusJoJan has finished I need some more prompts! I use the WordPress Daily Prompt and Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge on a Monday. I could do with another for each day. Anyone know of any good ones?

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Best Year So Far!

When I hit over 10000 views at the end of last year I thought it would be a hard target to beat - yet here I am just over halfway through the year and I have beaten it already! I have to thank my followers and all who have read - a little or a… Continue reading Best Year So Far!

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Chasing Stats Again

So, I have beaten last years views by a mile. I have even surpassed the year before by quite a bit. In fact, this has been the best year stats wise for my blog since I started it. Just wish that some of it would translate into some clicks and sales of my books. Hey-Ho. Anyway,… Continue reading Chasing Stats Again

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Thoughts and updates

So his blog has been a bit quiet lately - mostly reblogs. I was ill for a while, then my kids were ill. Work has been stressful as usual and life has been in the way. But I have managed to do some writing, just not for blogging purposes. I have edited my latest collection… Continue reading Thoughts and updates

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A low January

I have been ill. Very ill since before Christmas. Mostly I have been struggling to work but the week before last was forced to work from home. This week I could not even manage that. That's why the blog has been very quiet and I have been reduced to reblogging older stuff. But anyway the… Continue reading A low January

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Chasing Stats

Not that I  am obsessed with stats but I am two views short of beating the whole of last year.. and it's only October.

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Very Quiet

No visitors today ... watching the tumble weed tumble by.

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New Reader – no Readers!

The new reader? Well I have to admit - I quite like it. It looks very clean and modern. I don't like all the changes WordPress have made lately but I like this one. However - has it got anything to do with the fact that no-one is reading my blog today!

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So having conquered NaNoWriMo last year and done a poem a day for a whole year previous to that I have now signed up for National Poem Writing Month - 30 poems in 30 days. How hard can it be? Gulp! Just two kids to look after as well as a mounting work load -… Continue reading NaPoWriMo!!!!!

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AWOL – (blogging101 – day #7/8)

Completely failed at today's task and yesterdays - life has gotten in the way. But some of that is good - more about that later - if I get the chance. #blogging101 #theCommons #7/8

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Header – (blogging101 – day #6)

Today's task done - added an image - changed some colours - done. #blogging101 #theCommons #5

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About – (blogging101 – day #5)

So I have added a text widget with the updated version of my about page on - a paragraph I hope will draw people in to read the fuller page. In doing this I have also changed back my theme to an earlier one and swapped about the widgets. Most importantly I have removed the… Continue reading About – (blogging101 – day #5)

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A whole Year of Poetry – Done!

So that's it! I am done - finished. A whole year of poetry, one per day - posted. 99% were new a couple were old ones re edited. The point was that it forced me to be in creative mode every day. If life were so damned stressful at the moment I would go out… Continue reading A whole Year of Poetry – Done!

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The End is Nigh

It’s not a doom laden message. In fact a small celebration. I am getting close to the end of my poem a day for a year challenge! To be honest - it's already done. I had a bad night a few weeks ago, couldn’t sleep, all the small niggles of life piling up on me… Continue reading The End is Nigh

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Poem a day challenge #270 (Searching)

Searching By Scott Bailey © 2014 Unknown search terms - ten Wonder what they were after That brought them to me Get the previous ones here  and get my début novel Mankind Limited