Somehow posted a blog twice today.

Hey ho.

Getting views and likes on both versions


In Need of Prompts

Now JusJoJan has finished I need some more prompts!

I use the WordPress Daily Prompt and Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge on a Monday. I could do with another for each day.

Anyone know of any good ones?


Best Year So Far!

When I hit over 10000 views at the end of last year I thought it would be a hard target to beat – yet here I am just over halfway through the year and I have beaten it already!

I have to thank my followers and all who have read – a little or a lot.

Now if only I had 10000 book sales 🙂

Mankindd Limited




Chasing Stats Again

So, I have beaten lasscreenshot_20161208_222740t years views by a mile. I have even surpassed the year before by quite a bit. In fact, this has been the best year stats wise for my blog since I started it.

Just wish that some of it would translate into some clicks and sales of my books. Hey-Ho. Anyway, that’s not really why I do it. I enjoy it and I love the little network I have discovered of like-minded people.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I get addicted to chasing stats. As I have surpassed all previous records I have to aim for something new.  So I am aiming for 10000 views by the end of the year and 1000 followers. The first is possible at my current rate. The second maybe not – need to add just under 100 in a few weeks.

Let’s see how it goes.

Thoughts and updates

So his blog has been a bit quiet lately – mostly reblogs. I was ill for a while, then my kids were ill. Work has been stressful as usual and life has been in the way.

But I have managed to do some writing, just not for blogging purposes. I have edited my latest collection of short stories. I have half of one very short one left to do.

This is the first round of editing. Basically rewriting them – they are very old so I was improving them. I am pretty much seeing them as first drafts.

The second round of editing will be proofreading and looking for mistakes. Then they will be ready for publishing.

So I have not dedicated so much time to blogging. That may continue! I will try to do Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge and something else every now and then. Beyond that, I will be mainly trying to market the two books I have already published.

On a more positive note – I got a new laptop – a hybrid laptop/tablet. It’s only small and not powerful but does exactly what I need – makes it easier for me to write even when I can’t sit at my desk and do so. It also means an end to my non – windows household but hey ho.

Next, I’ll be getting a windows phone! Only joking! But a new phone is on the books. Just have to decide which one.

Talking of phones – I was thinking about the article I wrote a while ago about phone snooping. What brought this thought on was something my wife said.

For work, I quite often have to go to our manufacturing partner, to drop things off, pick things up, sort out problems with testing etc. The place is called Simtek but for some reason, my wife always calls it Semtex. So when she said to me this morning, are you going to Semtex this morning – I suddenly had visions of alarm bells going off in some CIA listening station!

Oh well – getting arrested by the CIA might be just the thing to boost my book sales!


A low January

I have been ill. Very ill since before Christmas. Mostly I have been struggling to work but the week before last was forced to work from home. This week I could not even manage that.

That’s why the blog has been very quiet and I have been reduced to reblogging older stuff.

But anyway the reason I bring it up is that it seems everyone is ill. To lesser and greater levels I don’t know anyone  who is is not ill.

Call me paranoid but it does not feel normal. Something odd is going on.

And there’s an

NHS dispute going on.

Chasing Stats

Not that I  am obsessed with stats but I am two views short of beating the whole of last year.. and it’s only October.

Very Quiet

No visitors today … watching the tumble weed tumble by.

New Reader – no Readers!

The new reader? Well I have to admit – I quite like it.

It looks very clean and modern. I don’t like all the changes WordPress have made lately but I like this one.

However – has it got anything to do with the fact that no-one is reading my blog today!


So having conquered NaNoWriMo last year and done a poem a day for a whole year previous to that I have now signed up for National Poem Writing Month – 30 poems in 30 days.

How hard can it be?


Just two kids to look after as well as a mounting work load – hence me writing this at nearly 1:00am.

Still – it will be good to get my poetry head on again.

AWOL – (blogging101 – day #7/8)

Completely failed at today’s task and yesterdays – life has gotten in the way. But some of that is good – more about that later – if I get the chance.


Header – (blogging101 – day #6)

Today’s task done – added an image – changed some colours – done.


About – (blogging101 – day #5)

So I have added a text widget with the updated version of my about page on – a paragraph I hope will draw people in to read the fuller page. In doing this I have also changed back my theme to an earlier one and swapped about the widgets. Most importantly I have removed the widget that was advertising my novel to a page by itself – empty and in need of content at the moment – that’s a task for tomorrow.

Would appreciate any thoughts.

See the updated about page here



A whole Year of Poetry – Done!

So that’s it! I am done – finished. A whole year of poetry, one per day – posted. 99% were new a couple were old ones re edited. The point was that it forced me to be in creative mode every day.

If life were so damned stressful at the moment I would go out and celebrate!

So onto new things!

Look our for more posts – they will now be less often but longer. At least that’s the plan!


The End is Nigh

It’s not a doom laden message. In fact a small celebration. I am getting close to the end of my poem a day for a year challenge! To be honest – it’s already done. I had a bad night a few weeks ago, couldn’t sleep, all the small niggles of life piling up on me chafing. So I sat up and did the last twenty or so. They are all just waiting to be posted one after another.

But that begs the question – what next?

Well I don’t want to stop writing that’s for sure. But I feel a bit like I freewheeling now. I need to step it up a notch, push myself a bit more. However I also need to keep it realistic and achievable. With the poems, though they ruminate in my head for days, weeks even, when I come to write them down its usually fairly quick. Hence I have achieved several goals. First to get something posted each day, but second to put myself back in a state of mind where my creative juices are running all the time. I have to take into account time constraints – especially now that we have a new little one settling in.

Incidentally – I am beginning to see other benefits from this project – that I had hoped for. For a few years now I have really been struggling in certain areas, particularly at work, trying to grasp new programming concepts and methodologies. Even though some of it was very simple. It was getting me down, I was worried I had lost the capacity to learn.

My push to get back writing was, in part, in fear that I could lose the ability to do even that (not that I am claiming a special ability but you see what I mean). I wondered if I might never write again.

Anyway – over the past few days – I have started on a another new project at work (Drawing using HTML5 canvas and JavaScript). It’s all new to me – but – for the first time in ages it’s flowing. I am getting it, and getting it quickly. I feel like a corner has turned there and I think it’s because I am waking up parts of my brain that have been asleep too long. Who knows?

So what next?

My plan now is to write longer pieces less often. However – having the push of a time-table also helped, although I was writing for me I had at the beginning an imaginary audience – now a small but real audience  who were expecting each day’s post.

So here is my idea. I will write one long piece each week. Four or five a month. Furthermore they will be as follows.

1. A short story
2. A film review
3. A book review
4. Just general ramblings.
5 (when needed) another of any of the above.

I will still try to post something each day perhaps more like a journal now, something that happened that day, and every now and then some more poetry.

We will see how it goes.

Oh – and I am also planning to re edit my novel and push on the marketing for that. Plus I will gather together the poems from the year and publish those in an e-book too!

Finally – I am going to make an effort to actually be more social on this social media! I have spent so much time writing on here that I have engaged in much reading or commenting. That is something I need to do more now. I need to feedback and the fertility of ideas bouncing around. Very often something someone says to you – or a particular phrase in somebody’s work can set you off down a completely different train of thought, or give you the kick you need when stuck.  That is the beauty of blogging that I have discovered.

Poem a day challenge #270 (Searching)


By Scott Bailey © 2014

Unknown search terms – ten
Wonder what they were after
That brought them to me

Get the previous ones here  and get my début novel Mankind Limited