By Scott Bailey © 2017

Territory shrinks
As the walls rise again
And the drawbridge is raised
The world is smaller

The worst of times
From long ago
Are opium
Sleight of mind

Terry the Tory
Sniggers behind
Fake pride
And cheap beer

Is the latest sport
The virtue of power

Photo by Aaditya Arora on Pexels.com

No Longer Fit for Purpose!

So, if the MPs who voted against the deal now vote for the same deal because the PM will resign if they do then doesn’t that just show they were never voting on the merits of the deal in the first place, just for their own selfish ambitions. Once again MPS playing games with our lives for their own gains.

It’s about time we said that the whole political system is no longer fit for purpose. Let’s start a new hashtag to let them know!


Brexit Answers

Tired of all the confusion?

Worried about Brexit?

Want answers in all this chaos?

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You will be none the wiser but you will have one more good story in your head. And a break from all the madness.

Mankind Limited

By Scott Bailey

Marc trudged on with life, marching in line with his fellow workers. Weighed down by the everyday burdens of life, the pressure to conform, to succeed or face destitution.

Yet he knew, in his heart that it was all wrong, the questions squirmed like fiery dragons in the pit of his heart, beneath his deepest darkest doubts.

Until they grew and burst his sanity, set him on a path of defiance and rebellion. A path that would cross three others – all like him seeking answers.

A path of danger and adventure that would see him marked as a terrorist and fleeing for his life. It would see him find love and heartbreak, hope and despair, Most of all, it would open his eye to the possibility of an ancient and powerful secret that might answer all his doubts and fears.

If he survived.

Trapped. In a world where everything is measured and control pervades every area of life, four people begin to break down. Instead, they break through the walls of deceit and propaganda and into a world of revolution.

Each, in their way, vow to overthrow the established order. They embark on a journey against the forces arraigned against them, forces of state and self-doubt.

Ultimately their paths converge on a dangerous road and the discovery of an ancient secret.

Four people, four rebels. Four journeys of self-doubt and discovery that converge on the road to revolution and the discovery of an ancient secret.


Just putting this one out there.

Latest Ad from the Home Office

And this?


Dancing Disaster

So this is a direct quote from Theresa May’s speech at the Tory Conference.

Leaving without a deal – introducing tariffs and costly checks at the border – would be a bad outcome for the UK and the EU.

It would be tough at first, but the resilience and ingenuity of the British people would see us through.

Was that supposed to be inspiring somehow? All I got from that as is this.

Doesn’t matter how bady we fuck it up – doesn’t affect us. You poor sods can bear the brunt of it.


She is literally dancing on the graves of her victims.

II IMG_8455 2

Brexit – who’s to blame

… and who will get the blame?

So in the continuing aftermath of the referendum result there has been a lot of talk about the Leave campaign lies and the intelligence of those who fell for them.

But surely those behind the Remain campaign must shoulder some of the blame? They didn’t run a good enough campaign. They didn’t do a good enough job.

They didn’t convince enough undecideds.

For example. Since the result there has been a great deal made of the lack of Brexit plan.

So why the hell wasn’t that a prominent part of the Remain campaign. Why wasn’t that weakness exposed and capitalised on before the result. A few well placed questions by people who should have known enough to ask them would have exposed it.

“What’s you plan to rebuild the economy if we leave Mr Johnson?”

“How exactly are we going to control immigration Mr. Gove?”

“What’s that? You don’t know? You don’t have a plan?”

“So the economic benefits you predict? Where did you get that information? Tea leaves? Your horoscope? With no plan I can’t see any other way.”

And I can foresee worse to come.

All those who brought this about have jumped ship. The Conservative leadership contest is a farce. Whoever get elected is surely going to dilly dally over triggering Article 50. That will trigger a general election as the people will want their will enacting. (You can just see the headlines!)

The media will suddenly be very supportive of Jeremy Corbyn and he will promise to trigger the article. That will win him the final support he needs to get in. He may have campaigned for Remain but I think his democratic principles will leave him no choice.

So he will be the one who has to trigger article 50.

So in the end those behind Leave will get everything they wanted without having to shoulder any of the blame or responsibility.

I smell a set up.

If, as we fear and suspect it all goes south, they can blame Corbyn. If it works out against the odds they can claim the credit and say – told you so. Either way they have maneuvered themselves into a no lose situation and Corbyn into a no real win position. (If it all plays out like this).

Or maybe I am just being too cynical.


Danger, Danger, Democracy in Danger

So the most annoying thing about the referendum result for me is not the result itself – though that does annoy me! No, it’s the way it has come about.

The whole thing is just the result of some old Etonians having a scrap for power! It grasping for popularity and not giving a shit about who it hurts in the process! And none of them are bothering to hang around and fix the mess they created.

And now it’s going further – it’s happening in the labour party itself.


Seems someone is protecting a reputation and doesn’t give damn about who it destroys. I don’t know how true this story is but in a way it doesn’t matter. The point is whatever the reasons behind it the whole affair is destroying any trust that was left in politicians – allowing stories like this to be given credence. We can believe it’s possible as that’s what we think of our politicians.

So we are faced with a massive problem for democracy on two fronts.

If the government call a second referendum or ignore the first one and refuse to come out of the EU – a lot of people will probably never vote on anything again. Ignoring the fact that it is not how referendums work (they are a measure of opinion, not an instruction) the Brexiter’s  – and even some who were not  – will feel what is the point of voting if my vote is ignored.

Equally, if the coup against Jeremy Corbyn is successful – when he was elected with such a huge vote would leave many people feeling betrayed and wondering what the point was. If they oust him – I for one would never vote for Labour again. (He could start his own party and take all those supporters with him – rendering Labour unelectable for years.)

Which leaves us with the very real prospect that we end up with even more apathy and lower voter turnout than before – which is basically giving the politicians leave to do whatever the hell they want!

Dangerous times.


Where is my country?

The town where I work has – in the past – been the host of Asylum seekers – it is also a port of entry for visitors from abroad. It’s fair to say that it has seen its fair share of social tension.  Where I worked before that and lived for a while – Dover was even worse. The flashpoint of many a protest and news story.

In the nearly 15 years of living and working in this area – of working in the immigration sector – I have never seen – first hand any direct racial abuse.

Today – my first day back at work after Brexit – I saw it twice. Twice I saw people just shouting at other people who looked foreign – to go home.

To all those people who voted to get their country back – I am sorry – we seem to have mislaid it. Instead, we have imported the seeds of Nazi Germany.

Let’s all grow up a bit. Even while the politicians are backstabbing and playing chess with our lives – let’s show them we can do better.