Aubade Two

By Scott Bailey © 2015 Dawn sneaks over the hills Light spills through the vales And the veils of the window I see beauty at last Complicated, unfathomable, mystery But right and true Most the world walks by Seeing a different way This morning gives me hope But the light washes out Shadows darken veils … Continue reading Aubade Two


By Scott Bailey © 2013 I make cars I always have As did my father. Prestige cars. The most famous in the world Made with pride. Made with precision. Made to last. To shine and glide! Every working day. All the working hours. My trusty hands create. I may be steeped in habit Tradition and … Continue reading Carman


By Scott Bailey © 2016 Jealousy A deadly sin So we are taught Over and over Again And when We dare to question The questionable ways Of wealth and power The smirk and hint Jealousy And the lessons rise Prodding our conscience Silencing our voices With guilty pillows Thus Why we are taught What we … Continue reading Jealousy


By Scott Bailey © 2014 I have seen giants Striding over the land Power on their shoulders Stern and strong their hand Never do they falter Never seen one stumble or fall Always do their duty Always answer the call Through storm and wind and rain The carry their burden true Though other links may … Continue reading Giants