Poem a day challenge #339 (Dissecting Darkness)

Dissecting Darkness By Scott Bailey © 2014 Dissecting darkness Silver shining score Weaving across the night Hanging, trembling, shimmering Waiting for A hapless fly To wrap up and serve As an artist’s Main course http://www.scottandrewbailey.uk  

Poem a day challenge #187 (Dark)

Dark By Scott Bailey © 2013 We create darkness Where we can’t explain Powerful darkness Dark Matter Holds the universe together Dark Energy Expands it fast But most powerful of all Dark Ignorance This will tear us apart http://www.scottandrewbailey.uk  

Poem a day challenge #134 (The Dark)

The Dark By Scott Bailey © 2013 The darkness where the heart beats fast The shadows where no moonlight’s cast The deepest dell of starless nights Gleaming eyes the only light The sound of cold and ancient breath On the breeze the scent of death A rustle from behind the trees A snapping twig the … Continue reading Poem a day challenge #134 (The Dark)

Poem a day challenge #96 (Shadows)

Shadows By Scott Bailey © 2013 Our voices are simply the shadows Cast by our dreams and our thought If the shadows become ineffectual Then our voices will end up as naught Yet shadows can give us the outline Of what is looming above If we take note of the darkness We can give those … Continue reading Poem a day challenge #96 (Shadows)

Heart of Darkness

I have been listening to Heart of Darkness on Audible. It’s depressing me. But not in the way you might think. Sure, it’s a dark read – delivering its brooding condemnation of colonialism in its age and of humanity in general. Conrad’s slow pulse beats out like a dying man’s fleeing soul. But that’s not … Continue reading Heart of Darkness

Purple Eye

Purple Eye By Scott Bailey © 2014   From the purple eye of death The last exhaled breath Comes an aweful doom And darkness starts to loom It dims the roads once bright Quenches golden light Sends tremors through the land Like my trembling hand Trembling on the key That sets the danger free Releasing … Continue reading Purple Eye