Another Anthem

By Scott Bailey © 2016

Ring the bells of life
Every heartbeat tolling on
So jingle them well

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Also – rush reminded me of the opposite. A song which sums me up in many ways.



In response to the daily prompt Rush

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In Remembrance


I am deeply honoured that poem of mine – topical for today – has been featured on the Thanet writers website.

It was originally written for Armistice day – then later a friend and I adapted it as a song and this is the version they have featured.

While we are remembering – we also said goodbye to some more legends today. Robert Vaughn – the Man From Uncle, and also one of my favourite all time singer/songwriters – Leonard Cohen.


This is my favourite – and with apt lyrics for today.


Heart of Darkness

I have been listening to Heart of Darkness on Audible.

It’s depressing me. But not in the way you might think. Sure, it’s a dark read – delivering its brooding condemnation of colonialism in its age and of humanity in general. Conrad’s slow pulse beats out like a dying man’s fleeing soul.

But that’s not an unusual read for me. Or an unusual film or music – I’m a Leonard Cohen fan – who in many ways is the Conrad of music.

No – it’s the sheer mastery of the languages shown with the tale. Your read (or hear it) and feel like you should put down your pen, slide away your keyboard and never write again for you’ll never get close to anything like that.

And read in understated eloquence by Kenneth Branagh put the final nail in the coffin.

The Horror. The Horror.