Friday Feeling

So, our eldest, Alexander is learning electric guitar at school. I thought it might be a fad but he has stuck at it and is getting very good.

So I thought only responsible and right to shows him some of the greats 🙂

We had a pleasant evening the other day having some father/son time browsing YouTube for great guitar players. (This was harder than expected, wrong generation I suppose.)

We found some classics, showed him some Clapton, some George Harrison, many rocky riffs. Even a bit of Seasick Steve!

Then we stumbled on this – I had never seen this before and it is quite something! So, take some timeout and enjoy it yourselves. You’re welcome.



Also – rush reminded me of the opposite. A song which sums me up in many ways.



In response to the daily prompt Rush

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Not Safe for Driving

We have all seen the acronym NSFW – Not Safe for Work.  We see it on email attachments or shared links telling us the content is either raunchy or offensive (or possibly both) and if opened up at work could result is disciplinary action – which is ironic as that could well be what it contains.

It is also somewhat frustrating as if you are at work you can’t open but really want to know what it is!

Anyway – I think there should be a new one applied to music. Not Safe for Driving.

The other day I had my music on in the car on shuffle. I have a rather eclectic collection so it was jumping from Gorillaz to Enya to Elbow and Adam Ant. Then it settled on The William Tell Overture.

You just can’t help pressing down harder on the metal when you hear something like that.


Not safe – but fun!

Poem a day challenge #326 (Dreams)


By Scott Bailey © 2014

Dreams flying away
In an excess of real life
The stars just don’t care

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Poem a day challenge #325 (Notes)


By Scott Bailey © 2014

Strings and drums
Swells and thrums
Filling halls and domes
Even sneaking in our homes

It warms our hearts
Can upset carts
Evoke our tears
Even stoke our fears

Calm the day
And send away
The darkest thoughts
Even move the worst of sorts

No compare
In empty air
So play the notes
Even on our dreams it floats

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Poem a day challenge #289 (Drumming)


By Scott Bailey © 2014

The heart is the drummer
The lungs a violin
You bring on a timpani roll
That rumbles to my feet
For you I am an orchestra
Though I often clang and clash
I hope my humble melody
Might catch your heart
In a dance

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