Child’s Eye

By Scott Bailey © 2015

When the last heartbeat of the last child
Has faded into silence
The mighty universe
Will not care
Which is a
Is nothing
That can magnify
Its vast magnificence
More than the wonder
Reflected in the shine of a child’s curious eye

Poem a day challenge #51 (Dreams in the Universe )

Dreams in the Universe 

By Scott Bailey © 2013

Motes of dust
So we have been described
Floating in the vastness of time and space
Small, inconsequential.
Dust motes made of dust from ancient dead stars.
So far.
Amongst all we see,
the starfields of diamond dust,
the ancient piercing light,
the glowing, magical, wispy nebulae,
the rainbow rings of Saturn,
the storms of Jupiter,
the blinding light of supernova,
the singular dark of black hole,
world after world
galaxy after galaxy.
Nowhere have we found
Anything that compares
to the complexity, the wonder, the intricacy,
the magic
the thoughts of you and I


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